An important fellowship for journalists - The Knight Wallace

Knight-Wallace Fellows at Michigan
Applicants must be full-time journalists, with a minimum five years professional experience, whose work appears regularly as an employee or freelancer. Print, broadcast, photo, documentary and Internet journalists are eligible. There are no academic prerequisites.
Employee applicants must obtain a leave of absence from September 1 through April and return to their place of employment where applicable. All fellows must agree not to publish or broadcast during the fellowship, maintain Ann Arbor residency and attend all program seminars and meetings.
International fellowships are offered for either four months or eight months, as funding is available.
To Get Started with the Application
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Information for International Applicants
Up to six international fellowships (four to eight months) are offered each year, as funding is available.
Application Deadline
The application deadline is February 1, 2015, 11:59 pm, Eastern Standard Time.
What to Prepare
The application process is online. Before you start the online process, please read this page carefully. It contans instructions on how to submit your essays, work samples and letter of recommendation requests.
To apply, you will create a login. You can save your information and return to the application at anytime before your final submission.
There are two parts of the application to complete..
If you are unable to apply online, there is a mail-in option
Part One of the Application
General Information
You will be asked to provide contact information for yourself and your employer, demographic information and answer questions about your journalism achievements and disciplinary background.
You will be asked to list all positions held since completing formal education, beginning with current employment and following this order:
• Employer
• Dates
• Title
• Immediate Supervisor
• Annual Salary
In addition to providing the above information, you will be asked to upload your resume.
Letters of Reference
You will be asked to enter the name, title and affiliation of each person who will write a recommendation. Part Two of the application will ask you to enter the name and email information of your recommenders and will instruct you on how to submit requests to your recommenders.
Document Uploads
In this section, you be asked to upload your essays and work samples. If you would like to change your document or work sample after you have uploaded it, simply upload the revised document or new work sample in the field you would like to replace.
Projected Study Plan
You will be asked to upload a Projected Study Plan (PDF or Word document).
Label this file for uploading: Study Plan
In no more than 500 words tell us what academic areas you propose to study. How do these relate to your career objectives? How do you plan to carry out this work: Courses? Tutorials? Research? Indicateareasofstudy, notspecificclasses.
There will also be a field for you to summarize your study plan in 10 words or less.
Intellectual Autobiography
You will be asked to upload an autobiography of up to 1,500 words (PDF or Word document).
Label this file for uploading: Autobiography
Your autobiography should examine the intellectual and social values that shape your work as a journalist. Explore the origins of these values and explain how they contribute or relate to satisfaction derived from journalism.
Work Samples
You may send samples from more than one medium, if applicable.
Work samples should be accompanied by English translations.
Print journalists:
You will be asked to upload five articles (PDF or Word document). At least three of these samples should be from the past two years.
Samples should be formatted to fit on 8.5" by 11" (21.5 by 28 cm) sheets of paper when printed.
Samples must show dates.
Label your files for uploading: Work Sample 1, Work Sample 2, Work Sample 3, Work Sample 4 and Work Sample 5
Mail samples in CD form. Include up to ten photographs with captions indicating where photographs were published and dates. At least six of these samples should be from the past two years.
The CD must be clearly labeled with your full name.
Mail to: Wallace House, 620 Oxford Road, Ann Arbor, MI 48104
Materials must be postmarked no later than February 1, 2015.
Optional: You can upload a list of URL links to your work samples. You are responsible that the URL links remain active through June 2015.
If you are submittting a list of URL links, submit the list as a Word document and label it: URL list.
Optional: You may upload your work samples along with captions indicating dates and place of publication.
Editor sormanagers
You will be asked to upload a statement of up to 500 words, describing your work and approach to it.
Label this file for uploding: Description
Broadcast journalists:
Mail DVDs or CDs with examples of your work. Maximum viewing or listening time should be one-half hour and include work from the past two years.
Label the CD or DVD with your full name.
Mail to: Wallace House, 620 Oxford Road, Ann Arbor, MI 48104
Materials must be postmarked no later than February 1, 2015.
Upload a brief description of your sample work and a statement (PDF or Word document) describing your involvement in each piece.
Label this file for uploading: Description
In addition, you can upload a list of URL links to your broadcast pieces. You are responsible that the URL links remain active through June 2015.
If you are submitting a list of URL links, submit the list as a Word document and label it: URL list
Online journalists:
You will be asked to upload samples equivalent to five print articles or 30 minutes of programming (PDF, Word document or a list of URL links)
If you are submitting a list of URL links, submit the list as Word document and label it: URL list.
You are responsible that the URL links remain active through June 2015.
If work samples are in PDF or Word document format, label files for uploading: Work Sample 1, Work Sample 2, Work Sample 3, Work Sample 4, Work Sample 5
You will also be asked to upload a statement describing your work samples and involvement in each piece (PDF or Word document).
Label this file for uploading: Description
Part Two of the Application
All letters should be written in English or be accompanied by an English translation.
In this part of the application you will enter the names, affiliations and email addresses of the four people who will write your letters of reference. You can open Part Two of the application anytime after opening Part One of the application and returning to the main menu.
The four required letters are:
One professional letter of reference: This letter should be from a past or present professional supervisor or colleague.
One personal letter of reference: This letter should be from a friend who may also be familiar with your professional background and work.
A confidential letter from your immediate supervisor (if applicable) elucidating your qualifications for a Knight-Wallace Fellowship.
A letter from your employer supporting your application and granting you a leave for the academic year if you should be offered a fellowship. If you are unable to obtain this letter, please explain why on the application and send an additional letter of reference.
If you are a freelance journalist, please submit three professional letters of reference and one personal letter of reference.
Once you enter the contact information of your letter writer, you can send them a request for a letter of recommendation by following the instructions online. A window will open with the email text. Here you can add a personal message to your letter writer. When sending a request to your employer for a letter of support, you may want to specify the requirements in your personal message. To ensure that your full name appears in the message to your recommender, you must complete question 1 (first and last name) in Part One of the application.
Once your request is sent, a confirmation that your recommender has been contacted will appear. After submitting your application, you will be able to return and logon anytime to check on the status of your letters.
If your recommenders do not receive the email request, please have them check their SPAM box.
The deadline for your recommenders to submit letters online is February 1, 2015. It is your responsibility to ensure that your letter writers meet this deadline.
If your recommender does not have access to a computer, the letters may be mailed or faxed directly to us. Letters should be submitted in only one format (preferably through the online system, faxed or mailed). Faxes should arrive by February 1, 2015. Mailed letters should be postmarked no later than February 1, 2015.
Mail supporting materials to (if applicable):
Knight-Wallace Fellows
Wallace House
620 Oxford Road
University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, MI 48104-2635
Telephone: (734) 998-7666
FAX: (734) 998-7979
Application Questions
For questions about the application process, email us at
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2nd China Nepal Friendship Fair 2014 (CECP Photo Exhibition)

The 2nd episode of China Nepal Friendship Fair was inaugurated by His Excellency China’s Ambassador to Nepal Mr. Wu Cuntai in capital, at Nepal Fine Art Council. This Friendship Fair titled “CECP Photo Exhibition” is being jointly organized by Arniko Society Nepal and China Endangered Culture Protectors (CECP), Wuhan, China to introduce Chinese cultures to Nepalese.


"CECP Photo Exhibition 2014" is the first of its kinds exhibition exhibiting China’s Endangered Culture. There will be around 100 photographs captured by CECP volunteers from different places of China. This photo exhibition is the part of Cultural Tour to Nepal where the CECP volunteers will study live culture of Nepal. (CECP is a volunteer’s organization in Wuhan, China with the initiation to protect the endangered culture of China). The further attraction of the event is the talk program by Mr. SukraSagarShrestha, a reknowned archeologist of Nepal on Nepalese and Chinese Cultural relation which will take place in the event venue on 5th September, 2:00pm.


The 1st China Nepal Friendship Fair was organized in Wuhan, China in June 2013, which was conducted to introduce Nepal and its diversified culture and Natural beauty to Chinese people in Wuhan. With the moral support of Nepalese Embassy in China and Wuhan City Government, the initiation taken by Arniko Society and Nepalese Students in Wuhan was a grand success. Photos provided by Photo Journalist Club Nepal were exhibited during the 2 day event in Wuhan. 

CCVI List 2 - Korea Nepal EPS Results 2013 - 2014

CCVI List2

SNName Date of BirthGender Visa noName of the Enterprise Category of IndustrySubmit Before
531KUNWAR DEVENDRA 1988/04/02Male CCBE14000075IYONGJIN NONGJANG Agriculture & Livestocks20140312
532BASKOTA SANJIB 1989/11/11Male CCBE14000077GIMJONGYEOL NONGJANG Agriculture & Livestocks20140312
533LAMSHAL BINOD 1990/01/29Male CCBE14000078GIMJONGYEOL NONGJANG Agriculture & Livestocks20140312
534BHUJEI RAM CHANDRA 1981/08/08Male MSBE14000192GIMBUGON Agriculture & Livestocks20140312
535NIROULA KAMAL 1982/03/24Male MSBE14000193GIMBUGON Agriculture & Livestocks20140312
536PANGYANI MAHENDRA 1987/01/17Male CCBE14000071TAESANMOKJAE Manufacturing20140312
537PURJA KUM BAHADUR 1982/06/19Male CCBE14000072DONGSEOJEJAESO Manufacturing20140312
538DHIMAL YOGESH KUMAR 1990/01/25Male CCBE14000079GIM JONG-HWA Agriculture & Livestocks20140312
539KHADKA SURESH 1989/06/30Male CCBE14000080GIM JONG-HWA Agriculture & Livestocks20140312
540RIMAL KAMALA 1990/11/21Female HSBE14000345OHODEUK Agriculture & Livestocks20140312
541DAHAL GANGA BAHADUR 1982/04/25Male HSBE14000313SEONGSINE Manufacturing20140312
542GURUNG SOM BAHADUR 1983/11/21Male HSBE14000290JUSIKHOESASEUPIDEUHAITEKEU Manufacturing20140312
543SINKEMANA BIKASH 1991/04/27Male HSBE14000377SEO MI RYE Agriculture & Livestocks20140312
544SAPKOTA BIJAY 1985/04/27Male GMBE14000060NONGEOPHOESABEOBIN(JU)GUNGMIN Agriculture & Livestocks20140312
545GAUTAM KALPANA 1986/09/12Female SUBE14000053TAEHWASILEOB Manufacturing20140312
546PAIJA RAM DEVI 1986/06/22Female SUBE14000054TAEHWASILEOB Manufacturing20140312
547GARBUJA PUN BHABISA 1989/05/22Female SUBE14000055TAEHWASILEOB Manufacturing20140312
548LAMA SARKINI 1992/04/17Female SBBE14000018HEUNGINSA Manufacturing20140312
549KHADKA KARUNA 1992/10/23Female SBBE14000019HEUNGINSA Manufacturing20140312
550SADASHANKAR PARBATI 1991/08/21Female CHBE14000314(JU)WAIEMIENJI Manufacturing20140312
551SHRESTHA JINA 1993/12/01Female CHBE14000315(JU)WAIEMIENJI Manufacturing20140312
552THAPA CHHETRI BASU 1994/07/26Male CHBE14000319WAIEICHI(JU) Manufacturing20140312
553THARU RAMESH 1994/05/01Male CHBE14000320WAIEICHI(JU) Manufacturing20140312
554BHANDARI BISHNU 1986/07/12Male CJBE14000293JUNGKISENG Agriculture & Livestocks20140312
555MALLA BUDDHI BAHADUR 1984/05/21Male CJBE14000294JUNGKISENG Agriculture & Livestocks20140312
556GURUNG DHURBA 1988/09/24Male SBBE14000021(JU)SEOULKEIESEUTEUREIDING Manufacturing20140312
557THAPA RUDRA BAHADUR 1991/07/08Male SBBE14000022(JU)SEOULKEIESEUTEUREIDING Manufacturing20140312
558TAMANG LAXMI PRASAD 1992/01/24Male KJBE14000194JEONOKHYEON Agriculture & Livestocks20140312
559PUN TIMOTHY 1990/08/28Male CHBE14000325WOO SUNG Manufacturing20140312
560LAMSAL BHIM LAL 1989/10/07Male UJBE14000447YOUMILWON MOK JANG Agriculture & Livestocks20140312
561DAHAL TIKA DATTA 1989/02/21Male CHBE14000300IHUIJAE Agriculture & Livestocks20140312
562CHAUDHARY SANTOSH 1990/12/16Male CHBE14000302WONJIN Manufacturing20140312
563KARKI GHANASHYAM 1988/12/23Male CHBE14000303WONJIN Manufacturing20140312
564BHATT PRAKASH DATT 1984/04/26Male KJBE14000201GEUMKANGNONGWON Agriculture & Livestocks20140312
565SUBEDI KRISHNA PRASAD 1983/08/11Male KJBE14000202GEUMKANGNONGWON Agriculture & Livestocks20140312
566GURUNG SUJAN 1995/02/15Male GYBE14000132JIN HWA Manufacturing20140312
567THAPA SAGAR 1994/01/15Male GYBE14000133JIN HWA Manufacturing20140312
568KARKI NARAYAN 1993/10/18Male GYBE14000134JIN HWA Manufacturing20140312
569RANA PABAN 1992/03/09Male GYBE14000135JIN HWA Manufacturing20140312
570THAPA YAGYA RAJ 1989/04/22Male GYBE14000140(JU) YUKYUNG Manufacturing20140312
571DHAN BAHADUR CHAND 1986/01/19Male CJBE14000246MUNSEONNONGJANG Agriculture & Livestocks20140312
572TAMANG ROJINA KUMARI 1993/01/28Female KJBE14000196CHOI SOUNG BACK Agriculture & Livestocks20140312
573GIRI ROSHAN 1992/05/07Male UJBE14000450HIMCHANNONGJANG Agriculture & Livestocks20140312
574THAPA BIRENDRA KUMAR 1991/12/30Male UJBE14000451HIMCHANNONGJANG Agriculture & Livestocks20140312
575BK JANARDAN 1989/08/04Male CHBE14000298EUN SEONG CHUK SAN Agriculture & Livestocks20140312
576SHRESTHA DILIP KUMAR 1986/03/24Male CHBE14000310JOSANGINNONGJANG Agriculture & Livestocks20140312
577RAI HARKA RAJ 1984/06/01Male CHBE14000318STA CO Manufacturing20140312
578THEBE BIKRAM 1990/05/11Male GMBE14000063JUSIKHOESAJEIESEUAL Manufacturing20140312
579LAMA SUMAN 1991/05/19Male GMBE14000064JUSIKHOESAJEIESEUAL Manufacturing20140312
580GHALE NARESH 1990/05/10Male GMBE14000065JUSIKHOESAJEIESEUAL Manufacturing20140312
581KHATRI RAM CHANDRA 1992/07/12Male GMBE14000052JUSIKHOESASAMCHANGIENSSI Manufacturing20140312
582KHADKA SABIN 1992/03/23Male GMBE14000053JUSIKHOESASAMCHANGIENSSI Manufacturing20140312
583KHADKA SAHABIR 1992/02/13Male GMBE14000054JUSIKHOESASAMCHANGIENSSI Manufacturing20140312
584KARKI SURESH 1993/01/09Male UJBE14000444HYERI FARM Agriculture & Livestocks20140312
585GURUNG CHITRA BAHADUR 1992/10/11Male UJBE14000445HYERI FARM Agriculture & Livestocks20140312
586CHITAURE MAGAR DHAN BAHADUR 1988/08/06Male GYBE14000130PUREUNNONGJANG Agriculture & Livestocks20140312
587ADAI DAL BAHADUR 1987/08/05Male GYBE14000131PUREUNNONGJANG Agriculture & Livestocks20140312
588THAPA RABIN 1994/01/25Male CJBE14000249KIMCHANGJUN Agriculture & Livestocks20140312
589SARKI DIPAK 1992/12/22Male CJBE14000250KIMCHANGJUN Agriculture & Livestocks20140312
590SHERPA WONGCHHU 1995/01/21Male CHBE14000327JSSANEOP Manufacturing20140312
591SHERPA TENJI 1990/01/30Male ASBE14000158HAPDONG Manufacturing20140312
592SUBEDI RAJU 1989/05/11Male ASBE14000159HAPDONG Manufacturing20140312
593PANDEY KAMALRAJ 1985/11/13Male CHBE14000317STA CO Manufacturing20140312
594TAMANG LAMA SUNIL 1986/08/28Male TCBE14000167CHUNPOONG CONCRIT COR. Manufacturing20140312
595MAGAR LEKH BAHADUR 1989/02/12Male TCBE14000162DAEDONG Manufacturing20140312
596RAI PRIYA 1988/12/31Female SBBE14000020SEONJINJASU Manufacturing20140312
597SHRESTHA CHITRA KUMAR 1988/06/25Male CHBE14000321A N T Manufacturing20140312
598BISWOKARMA BAL BAHADUR 1989/02/17Male CHBE14000299IWONHUI Agriculture & Livestocks20140312
599LIMBU SUBAHANG 1985/02/27Male CUBE14000254GIMMIJEONG Agriculture & Livestocks20140312
600THAPA MIN BAHADUR 1984/12/29Male CUBE14000255GIMMIJEONG Agriculture & Livestocks20140312
601LIMBU NABIN KUMAR 1990/01/22Male CUBE14000236SELOMEDOA Manufacturing20140312
602KANDEL YAM LAL 1991/06/15Male KJBE14000200JAEGYOOFARM Agriculture & Livestocks20140312
603SUBBA MANYANGBO BENJAMIN 1976/10/10Male CJBE14000255GANGHUIJIN Agriculture & Livestocks20140312
604CHAUHAN SUSIL 1979/10/14Male CJBE14000251KWANHUBNONGJANG Agriculture & Livestocks20140312
605ACHARYA PUSKAR RAJ 1980/03/24Male GMBE14000061NONGEOPHOESABEOBIN(JU)GUNGMIN Agriculture & Livestocks20140312
606SAPKOTA HEM LAL 1985/07/18Male GYBE14000137(JU) YUKYUNG Manufacturing20140312
607ACHARYA KRISHNA KUMARI 1988/03/28Female CHBE14000316(JU)WAIEMIENJI Manufacturing20140312
608GARBUJA SUK BAHADUR 1983/01/19Male SUBE14000048KIMGYUNGHOI FARM Agriculture & Livestocks20140312
609GURUNG LAXMI KUMARI 1981/09/21Female SUBE14000049KIMGYUNGHOI FARM Agriculture & Livestocks20140312
610ROKA MAGAR RESHAM 1985/03/13Male CUBE14000252GIMHYEONSUK Agriculture & Livestocks20140312
611LIMBU SURYA BAHADUR 1978/02/18Male CUBE14000253GIMHYEONSUK Agriculture & Livestocks20140312
612RAI LALIT 1986/10/01Male HSBE14000427BUNYOUNGSANUP Manufacturing20140313
613RAI DINESH KUMAR 1985/09/17Male TJBE14000488(JU)SMTECHTEX Manufacturing20140313
614SHRESTHA JANAK 1988/08/12Male TJBE14000459NEUSAEBOM Manufacturing20140313
615GIRI KISHOR RAJ 1978/05/12Male HSBE14000400SAMJIN FARM Agriculture & Livestocks20140313
616BHANDARI CHHETRI RUDRA BAHADUR 1981/01/01Male HSBE14000401SAMJIN FARM Agriculture & Livestocks20140313
617GURUNG BIN PRASAD 1985/01/22Male TJBE14000483KANGSEOKMUN BANGULTHOMATHO NONGJANG Agriculture & Livestocks20140313
618RANA MAGAR SUMAN 1989/07/01Male TJBE14000484KANGSEOKMUN BANGULTHOMATHO NONGJANG Agriculture & Livestocks20140313
619DALLAKOTI LAXMI 1988/06/10Female TJBE14000456(JU)JAENFOOD Manufacturing20140313
620TAMANG GANESH 1990/08/24Male TJBE14000461(JU)JFARMS Manufacturing20140313
621BARMASHAKH SHAMBHU 1992/06/25Male TJBE14000450(JU)SEKANGEMTEK Manufacturing20140313
622RAI DILLISWAR 1986/10/20Male CUBE14000288MINARINONGJANG Agriculture & Livestocks20140313
623BHANDARI KEDAR 1985/03/30Male CUBE14000289MINARINONGJANG Agriculture & Livestocks20140313
624RAI NIRCHALA 1979/04/28Male HSBE14000451EUNHWANONGJANG Agriculture & Livestocks20140313
625DHUNGANA SHIVARAM 1988/03/01Male ICBE14000512SEONG JIN Manufacturing20140313
626THOKAR PRAKASH 1989/07/01Male ICBE14000513SEONG JIN Manufacturing20140313
627THAPA KAMAL 1993/04/07Male CHBE14000380SUPJEONGI FARM Agriculture & Livestocks20140313
628THAPA ANJAN BAHADUR 1989/09/01Male CHBE14000381SUPJEONGI FARM Agriculture & Livestocks20140313
629TAMANG SUMAN 1993/11/23Male TJBE14000497(JU)SMTECHTEX Manufacturing20140313
631RAI MUNA RAJ 1991/06/23Male CHBE14000469JEIAIOTOMOTIBEU CO.,LTD JE2GONGJANG Manufacturing20140313
632TAMANG NARENDRA 1986/01/23Male KJBE14000209DAEWOOENG Manufacturing20140313
633RAI DANKUMAR 1986/04/26Male KJBE14000208DAEWOOENG Manufacturing20140313
634THAPA DEVI 1978/06/01Female CCBE14000101HA NINONGJANG Agriculture & Livestocks20140313
635MIPHOK PURNAKUMAR 1979/07/21Male CHBE14000472WANG-GUNG CO. Manufacturing20140313
636ADHIKARI PRADIP 1981/05/16Male ICBE14000477DAE SUNG ECO Manufacturing20140313
637SHRESTHA KAILASH 1988/12/10Male TJBE14000496HAN JUNG Manufacturing20140313
638ADHIKARI SUDARSHAN 1989/05/23Male ICBE14000487(JU)SUJEONGSISEUTEM Manufacturing20140313
639G C SHIVA 1988/07/21Male ICBE14000488(JU)SUJEONGSISEUTEM Manufacturing20140313
640PATHAK GYANENDRA 1987/12/25Male CHBE14000359(JU)DAOL Manufacturing20140313
641DANGOL SUSAN 1989/05/25Male CHBE14000360(JU)DAOL Manufacturing20140313
642RAI SARITA 1986/08/03Female UJBE14000459JUNHUINONGJANG Agriculture & Livestocks20140313
643RAI ANJU 1989/01/16Female UJBE14000460JUNHUINONGJANG Agriculture & Livestocks20140313
644KARKI SAILESH 1992/04/29Male ICBE14000494DAZ DONG CO. LTD Manufacturing20140313
645RAI DIPENDRA 1988/05/24Male CCBE14000092DAE HAN KWA HAK Manufacturing20140313
646NYOUPANE BISHNU PRASAD 1984/01/26Male TJBE14000506(YU) DAIYEON Manufacturing20140313
647SAPKOTA ARJUN 1988/05/19Male TJBE14000533JUSIKHOESASEJEONGMITEU Manufacturing20140313
648ADHIKARI UMESH 1983/04/22Male TJBE14000507(YU) DAIYEON Manufacturing20140313
649KHADKA PRADIP 1993/02/20Male CHBE14000465SEJIN JNDUSTRY INC. Manufacturing20140313
650LIMBU RAJIN 1991/11/23Male CHBE14000466SEJIN JNDUSTRY INC. Manufacturing20140313
651SINGH EKENDRA BAHADUR 1991/04/18Male CHBE14000389IMUNJAENONGJANG Agriculture & Livestocks20140313
652TAMANG BAL BAHADUR 1990/10/01Male CHBE14000390IMUNJAENONGJANG Agriculture & Livestocks20140313
653SHRESTHA KHADGA BAHADUR 1989/09/20Male KJBE14000218REOKKISANEOP Manufacturing20140313
654TAMANG DHAN BAHADUR 1983/05/30Male SMBE14000028KIM KŎNHONONGCHANG Agriculture & Livestocks20140313
655CHAUDHARY ASHOK 1979/11/26Male SMBE14000029KIM KŎNHONONGCHANG Agriculture & Livestocks20140313
656PAUDEL TIKA RAM 1981/01/22Male CHBE14000400DONGIRIAENJI.CO.,LTD Manufacturing20140313
657TANDAN RUK BAHADUR 1981/09/03Male ICBE14000481JINSUNGE.&B. Manufacturing20140313
658RAI SUMIT 1993/05/20Male TJBE14000523(JU)DEOJONPEIPEO Manufacturing20140313
659RAI BIREN 1989/08/18Male TJBE14000515(JU)JFARMS Manufacturing20140313
660THAPA SANDESH 1991/10/05Male CCBE14000091CHANG SUNGCHULKANG Manufacturing20140313
661TIMALSINA THAKUR PRASAD 1975/07/23Male ASBE14000174STARMOLTEC.CO.LTD Manufacturing20140313
662KARKI PRAMOD 1978/06/02Male ASBE14000176- Manufacturing20140313
663TAMANG MUKESH 1981/04/06Male ICBE14000571BUCHEONURISANEOP Manufacturing20140313
664ADHIKARI MACHHINDRA 1980/09/19Male GYBE14000152DAEHWAFARM Agriculture & Livestocks20140313
665THAPA PREM BAHADUR 1992/01/19Male UJBE14000488CHOIYANGSAM Agriculture & Livestocks20140313
666KHADKA PURAN 1993/03/10Male GYBE14000154MISO NONGWON Agriculture & Livestocks20140313
667BK DEUTA 1980/10/10Female GYBE14000149DAEHWANONGJANG Agriculture & Livestocks20140313
668KARKI SOBIT 1991/08/19Male GYBE14000153MISO NONGWON Agriculture & Livestocks20140313
669RAI SARITA 1984/08/24Female GYBE14000150DAEHWANONGJANG Agriculture & Livestocks20140313
670RAI SURESH 1985/11/08Male UJBE14000495KIM YOUNG CHEOL Agriculture & Livestocks20140313
671PAUDEL NAVARAJ 1986/04/16Male UJBE14000496KIM YOUNG CHEOL Agriculture & Livestocks20140313
672PAUDEL YOUBARAJ 1990/12/17Male ICBE14000489SEONGSINTEUKSUGEUMSOK Manufacturing20140313
673GURUNG RABINDRA MAN 1984/01/31Male ICBE14000464MYEONGSEONGGIGONG Manufacturing20140313
674TITUNG RAJU 1989/11/20Male ICBE14000490SEONGSINTEUKSUGEUMSOK Manufacturing20140313
675NEMBANG LIMBU PRITHI PRASAD 1978/10/29Male CHBE14000471WANG-GUNG CO. Manufacturing20140313
676SHRESTHA ARJUN KUMAR 1986/01/27Male GYBE14000157SEAHN CO.,LTD. Manufacturing20140313
677GURUNG UTTAM 1986/03/23Male GYBE14000158SEAHN CO.,LTD. Manufacturing20140313
678PAUDEL RAJU 1986/06/17Male UJBE14000484CHOI JONG WHA FARM Agriculture & Livestocks20140313
679SHERPA DECHEN DOLMA 1988/12/27Female UJBE140004854HYEONGJE NONGJANG Agriculture & Livestocks20140313
680PUN MAGAR KISMAT 1990/02/02Male KJBE14000219TAEYENJOUNGMILL Manufacturing20140313
681G C PRADIP 1991/07/18Male CCBE14000095DSFURNITURECO.,LTD.) Manufacturing20140313
682SHAHI HASTA BAHADUR 1991/01/02Male CCBE14000094DSFURNITURECO.,LTD.) Manufacturing20140313
683PUN SHER BAHADUR 1991/11/29Male CCBE14000096DSFURNITURECO.,LTD.) Manufacturing20140313
684THAPA MAGAR DOL BAHADUR 1987/10/08Male CUBE14000298SEUMAIL Manufacturing20140313
685SAPKOTA SUSANTA 1988/09/20Male CUBE14000299SEUMAIL Manufacturing20140313
686DARLAMI JEEVAN 1988/03/23Male CUBE14000300SEUMAIL Manufacturing20140313
687PANDEY ASHOK 1987/04/23Male CUBE14000294JEONGHAN COMPANY Manufacturing20140313
688SHERPA NUPPU 1980/08/10Male ICBE14000532SIAMFARMS Agriculture & Livestocks20140313
689RAI NAWA RAJ 1993/04/10Male CCBE14000102DONGILSUJI Manufacturing20140313
690RAI RUBIHANG 1988/01/01Male CCBE14000089CHANG SUNGCHULKANG Manufacturing20140313
691NEPALI KUMAR 1993/03/29Male CCBE14000090CHANG SUNGCHULKANG Manufacturing20140313
692SHIGU DIPAK 1981/11/28Male ICBE14000568MYUNG IL PRECISION Manufacturing20140313
693CHAUDHARY BINOD 1982/08/04Male ICBE14000569MYUNG IL PRECISION Manufacturing20140313
694SHRESTHA SANJAY 1981/07/25Male UJBE14000482KUONINOKNONGJANG Agriculture & Livestocks20140313
695DURA GURUNG MAYA PRITHVI 1991/09/10Female UJBE14000499LEE BEYONG JU FARM Agriculture & Livestocks20140313
697SANJEL MANI RAJ 1984/11/07Male CHBE14000467JUSIKHOESADAESEONGIENSSI Manufacturing20140313
698BASNET BISHAL 1991/10/18Male CCBE14000097GWON CHANG NO FARM Agriculture & Livestocks20140313
699RAI LILA BAHADUR 1993/04/19Male CCBE14000098GWON CHANG NO FARM Agriculture & Livestocks20140313
700BOHARA PRAMOD 1988/08/31Male CHBE14000361(JU)DAOL Manufacturing20140313
701BOHARA PURNA BAHADUR 1991/10/15Male CHBE14000464SEJIN JNDUSTRY INC. Manufacturing20140313
702PANTA RAM SHARAN 1989/10/19Male CCBE14000107BAEKCHANCHUFARM Agriculture & Livestocks20140313
703PANDEY HARISARAN 1990/12/31Male CCBE14000108BAEKCHANCHUFARM Agriculture & Livestocks20140313
704SHARMA NARESH 1987/05/31Male CHBE14000468JUSIKHOESADAESEONGIENSSI Manufacturing20140313
705GHARTI KUMAR 1989/04/21Male ICBE14000560TAESUNGTECHE Manufacturing20140313
706LIMBU KHADGA BAHADUR 1987/04/22Male ICBE14000561TAESUNGTECHE Manufacturing20140313
707KHAMCHA RAJ KUMAR 1983/04/16Male ICBE14000484SAMYOUNGSANUP Manufacturing20140313
708GURUNG PRATIK 1990/12/16Male GYBE14000168DINE AGRICULTURAL Manufacturing20140313
709PARIYAR RUPESH 1991/05/26Male GYBE14000169DINE AGRICULTURAL Manufacturing20140313
710RAMTEL SABITA 1987/08/13Female SMBE14000051JAEWOO Manufacturing20140313
711ACHARYA DEEPENDRA 1990/09/25Male SMBE14000052JAEWOO Manufacturing20140313
712RAI KHADGA BAHADUR 1984/01/18Male SMBE14000053JAEWOO Manufacturing20140313
713PARIYAR PRAKASH 1993/09/29Male TJBE14000528(JU)SEKANGEMTEK Manufacturing20140313
714SIGDEL THANESHWOR 1984/02/05Male TJBE14000503(JU)SEONGDANGBEULLEOK Manufacturing20140313
715KHADKI DEEPAK 1991/06/10Male SMBE14000043BIAENPIWOLDEU(JU) Manufacturing20140313
716G C SANJEEV KUMAR 1993/01/19Male SMBE14000042BIAENPIWOLDEU(JU) Manufacturing20140313
717LIMBU MOHAN SING 1988/03/09Male SMBE14000041BIAENPIWOLDEU(JU) Manufacturing20140313
718SHRESTHA BHIM KUMAR 1988/06/17Male TJBE14000532JUSIKHOESASEJEONGMITEU Manufacturing20140313
719RAI YAM BAHADUR 1977/09/27Male CCBE14000088YEONHIMOKJAEHWAHAKKONGUPSA Manufacturing20140313
720KARKI NEWTON 1991/12/14Male ICBE14000517SUNGSIN M-TEK Manufacturing20140313
721THAPA SAROJ BAHADUR 1991/05/03Male ICBE14000518SUNGSIN M-TEK Manufacturing20140313
722THAPA ISHWOR 1988/07/05Male ICBE14000572TAEYONG INDUSTRY Manufacturing20140313
723DIMDONG SURAJ 1991/12/01Male ICBE14000519SUNGSIN M-TEK Manufacturing20140313
724RAYAMAJHI PRAKASH BAHADUR 1980/12/06Male GYBE14000151DAEHWAFARM Agriculture & Livestocks20140313
725RANA PRITHVI KUMARI 1992/01/25Female UJBE14000500LEE BEYONG JU FARM Agriculture & Livestocks20140313
726PAIJA KRISHNABAHADUR 1976/09/05Male CCBE14000104CHI AK SAN SEONG IL SAN CHAE NONG JANG Agriculture & Livestocks20140313
727PAUDEL MADHAV 1988/12/05Male ICBE14000562MARUMAETEU Manufacturing20140313
728BUDHA PURNA 1987/05/15Male ICBE14000563MARUMAETEU Manufacturing20140313
729MAGAR ROHAN RANA 1988/08/26Male UJBE14000487CHOIYANGSAM Agriculture & Livestocks20140313
730SHERPA PASANG 1985/06/17Female UJBE140004864HYEONGJE NONGJANG Agriculture & Livestocks20140313
731KHATRI MIN BAHADUR 1978/08/31Male TCBE14000184SSIAENBIGEUMSOK Manufacturing20140314
732BATA RAJ MOHAN 1978/05/17Male TCBE14000185SSIAENBIGEUMSOK Manufacturing20140314
733PUN SHIVA 1986/08/20Male TCBE14000186HANCHANG Manufacturing20140314
734MAINALI DINESH PRASAD 1982/06/02Male TJBE14000542GANGHYEONGI Agriculture & Livestocks20140314
735MAGAR GIRI BAHADUR 1987/05/20Male TJBE14000543GANGHYEONGI Agriculture & Livestocks20140314
736TAMANG KAJIMAN 1991/06/25Male ICBE14000598DAESHIN ENSCO Manufacturing20140314
737THAPA SANJEEV 1988/01/28Male ICBE14000607CHUNGWHA Manufacturing20140314
738KURUMBANG DILLI KUMAR 1986/03/22Male CUBE14000312POLKORIA Manufacturing20140314
739LIMBU SANTOSH THOPRA 1987/05/30Male CUBE14000313POLKORIA Manufacturing20140314
740JAISI BASANTA PRASAD 1988/05/27Male KJBE14000254YANG DON NONG JANG Agriculture & Livestocks20140314
741LAMA JANGMU 1989/09/18Female KJBE14000255TAGUISEONG Agriculture & Livestocks20140314
742KARKI ANIL 1986/01/17Male KJBE14000247DOUL Manufacturing20140314
743THAMSUHANG KIRAN 1992/11/17Male ICBE14000609HANIL S.T.S Manufacturing20140314
744RAI AMAR 1992/10/11Male ICBE14000610HANIL S.T.S Manufacturing20140314
745SHARMA GOBINDA 1988/07/03Male UJBE14000515GWAK AENAM AENAM FARM Agriculture & Livestocks20140314
746SHAHI AMIT KUMAR 1988/11/27Male UJBE14000516GWAK AENAM AENAM FARM Agriculture & Livestocks20140314
747YADAV DINESH MANI 1982/11/03Male UJBE14000517GREEN FARM Agriculture & Livestocks20140314
748DULAL KESHAB 1983/02/17Male ICBE14000600HAN YANG Manufacturing20140314
749RIJYAL KASHI RAM 1981/02/13Male ICBE14000599HAN YANG Manufacturing20140314
750SHYAULA SUMAN 1977/03/01Male ICBE14000621DONGIL WOOD Manufacturing20140314
751CHAUDHARY BASUDEV 1979/04/21Male ICBE14000622DONGIL WOOD Manufacturing20140314
752CHIDI SOM BAHADUR 1981/02/07Male GYBE14000180SACHILPRECISION Manufacturing20140314
753LAMA YAM BAHADUR 1991/04/14Male CUBE14000356SEOL WOO MACHINE CO., LTD Manufacturing20140314
754BHANDARI RAM BABU 1989/02/14Male KJBE14000257ISEUNGJAE Agriculture & Livestocks20140314
755RAI PRAKASH 1989/03/28Male KJBE14000258ISEUNGJAE Agriculture & Livestocks20140314
756GURUNG SURYA BAHADUR 1986/10/11Male GYBE14000192SEAHN CO.,LTD. Manufacturing20140314
757MAHARJAN ANIL 1991/03/07Male ICBE14000616J&B TECH Manufacturing20140314
758RAI VARSHA 1989/10/13Female UJBE14000537HANGYEOL NONGJANG Agriculture & Livestocks20140314
759KARKEE REKHA 1989/03/04Female UJBE14000538HANGYEOL NONGJANG Agriculture & Livestocks20140314
760RAI SANDIP 1990/04/25Male UJBE14000539HAN IL NONG JANG Agriculture & Livestocks20140314
761PRASAI CHANDRA PRASAD 1989/08/21Male ICBE14000605INFUCO Manufacturing20140314
762KHADKA MIN BAHADUR 1985/05/09Male UJBE14000523PARK GU YEONG Agriculture & Livestocks20140314
763KAFLE SUNIL 1985/07/11Male UJBE14000524PARK GU YEONG Agriculture & Livestocks20140314
764BHANDARI KALPANA 1986/03/22Female KJBE14000225BYEON JANGWON Agriculture & Livestocks20140314
765GURUNG MANITA 1988/07/28Female KJBE14000226BYEON JANGWON Agriculture & Livestocks20140314
766NEGI TAMANG AVISHEK 1991/09/18Male SBBE14000028SEONGJINSEOMYU Manufacturing20140314
767SINGH ANIL KUMAR 1989/01/21Male SBBE14000029SEONGJINSEOMYU Manufacturing20140314
768PAKHRIN YAM KUMAR 1984/11/30Male KJBE14000248DOUL Manufacturing20140314
769RAI MADAN 1986/01/28Male KJBE14000249DOUL Manufacturing20140314
770RAI NITESH 1989/08/21Male UJBE14000530BONGEUNNONGJANG Agriculture & Livestocks20140314
771RAI RAJ KUMAR 1973/11/22Male HSBE14000630SAMSUNG GRATECH Manufacturing20140315
772SUBEDI GOKUL 1989/06/22Male TJBE14000572WOULSAN FOOD Manufacturing20140315
773POUDEL KRISHNA KUMAR 1983/05/27Male CCBE14000112JO SEONGUNONGJANG Agriculture & Livestocks20140315
774GYAWALI BINOD PRASAD 1981/04/22Male CCBE14000121JOHANSEUNG Agriculture & Livestocks20140315
775THAPA BIKASH 1993/04/27Male HSBE14000510FUUNCHA  FAM Agriculture & Livestocks20140315
776THAPA SHIVA BAHADUR 1994/02/07Male HSBE14000509FUUNCHA  FAM Agriculture & Livestocks20140315
777GURUNG TEK BAHADUR 1981/02/03Male CCBE14000118BO CHUN FARM Agriculture & Livestocks20140315
778KUNWAR TOP BAHADUR 1990/07/11Male HSBE14000515GU JA WANG FARM Agriculture & Livestocks20140315
779KHADKA RAM KUMAR 1989/12/11Male HSBE14000516GU JA WANG FARM Agriculture & Livestocks20140315
780LIMBU SUKRA RAJ 1988/05/30Male CCBE14000114YUYONGHYEON Agriculture & Livestocks20140315
781RAI CHATUR MAN 1989/11/20Male HSBE14000597I DEOK JAE FARM Agriculture & Livestocks20140315
782GURUNG ANITA 1990/06/15Female HSBE14000598I DEOK JAE FARM Agriculture & Livestocks20140315
783SHRESTHA DHURBA KUMAR 1990/03/29Male HSBE14000605HYEONSUNENONGJANG Agriculture & Livestocks20140315
784GURUNG BHARAT 1990/04/08Male HSBE14000604HYEONSUNENONGJANG Agriculture & Livestocks20140315
785SOMYAHANG NABIN 1993/07/30Male HSBE14000606KEUMNYEONGNONGJANG Agriculture & Livestocks20140315
786BHATTARAI PREM PRASAD 1989/01/01Male CCBE14000126GIMMYEONGSU Agriculture & Livestocks20140315
787GURUNG NIRAJ 1984/10/26Male HSBE14000522SUNG U RENTEC Manufacturing20140315
788MALLA THAKURI KHIR BAHADUR 1984/11/28Male HSBE14000523SUNG U RENTEC Manufacturing20140315
789SIGU LOKENDRA 1988/12/20Male HSBE14000539YUJIN.CO.,LTD Manufacturing20140315
790RAI NIRASA 1992/08/29Female HSBE14000587BEAKYEOUNGMI Agriculture & Livestocks20140315
791KUMAL LAXMI 1992/12/05Female HSBE14000588BEAKYEOUNGMI Agriculture & Livestocks20140315
792RAI BIMALA 1989/08/13Female HSBE14000600EAEHEENONGJANG Agriculture & Livestocks20140315
793GURUNG THAPA SARMILA 1991/04/28Female HSBE14000599EAEHEENONGJANG Agriculture & Livestocks20140315
794SAPKOTA BISHAL 1988/04/13Male HSBE14000607SEYOUNG FARM Agriculture & Livestocks20140315
795MAHATARO ARJUN 1988/05/27Male HSBE14000608SEYOUNG FARM Agriculture & Livestocks20140315
796PARAJULI NARAHARI 1986/10/25Male CCBE14000113JO SEONGUNONGJANG Agriculture & Livestocks20140315
797KALA MAGAR TOP BAHADUR 1987/05/03Male HSBE14000551CHAEYANONGJANG Agriculture & Livestocks20140315
798GAIHRE KHEM RAJ 1992/04/25Male HSBE14000578DEULMALNONGWON Agriculture & Livestocks20140315
799KHATRI TIKA BAHADUR 1994/01/01Male HSBE14000579DEULMALNONGWON Agriculture & Livestocks20140315
800KARKI JEEVAN KUMAR 1985/10/28Male HSBE14000580BUNYOUNGSANUP Manufacturing20140315
801PUN AMAN SINGH 1987/12/23Male HSBE14000581BUNYOUNGSANUP Manufacturing20140315
802JARGHA SANDEEP KUMAR 1983/04/23Male CCBE14000122JOHANSEUNG Agriculture & Livestocks20140315
803KHADKA HIMAL 1984/10/24Male HSBE14000617SUNG LIM FOLEST CO., LTD Manufacturing20140315
804RANA INDRA BAHADUR 1991/01/07Male HSBE14000540YUJIN.CO.,LTD Manufacturing20140315
805THAPA BIJAY 1988/02/17Male HSBE14000550CHAEYANONGJANG Agriculture & Livestocks20140315
806BOHARA SURESH 1983/11/01Male HSBE14000596TAEHYEONGSUJI Manufacturing20140315
807RIMAL DEEPAK 1989/12/11Male ICBE14000646SAMYANG GAJEUN Manufacturing20140315
808GOLE SURYA BAHADUR 1985/01/06Male CUBE14000387CHOEHYEJEONG Agriculture & Livestocks20140315
809SAPAKOTA KHADANAND 1981/12/25Male CUBE14000388CHOEHYEJEONG Agriculture & Livestocks20140315
810PUN MAGAR JIWAN 1989/04/10Male CJBE14000330HANGUNHYUN Agriculture & Livestocks20140315
811RAI RAMESH KUMAR 1981/12/17Male CUBE14000407DU LE STOCK FARM Agriculture & Livestocks20140315
812SHRESTHA RABIN 1994/01/24Male CUBE14000394CHOEMINSUK Agriculture & Livestocks20140315
813GHALE SAGAR 1994/02/19Male CUBE14000395CHOEMINSUK Agriculture & Livestocks20140315
814RANA PREM 1979/10/11Male CHBE14000505I SEONG WON Agriculture & Livestocks20140315
815TAMANG PREM KUMAR 1978/12/30Male CHBE14000504I SEONG WON Agriculture & Livestocks20140315
816RAI THAMPU HANG 1993/09/10Male CJBE14000322CHANGGONAEYOUNGNONGJOHAP Agriculture & Livestocks20140315
817GHIMIRE YUBA RAJ 1992/05/28Male CJBE14000323CHANGGONAEYOUNGNONGJOHAP Agriculture & Livestocks20140315
818DAHAL JEEVAN 1991/03/06Male CJBE14000324CHEONGNONGNYEONGNONGJOHAPBEOBIN Agriculture & Livestocks20140315
819LAMA PHURBA GHYAMCHHO 1989/12/13Male CJBE14000325CHEONGNONGNYEONGNONGJOHAPBEOBIN Agriculture & Livestocks20140315
820PARAJULI KEDAR CHANDRA 1991/03/18Male GYBE14000204AEJINNONGJANG Agriculture & Livestocks20140315
821RAI NABIN 1991/05/11Male UJBE14000597MINUNONGJANG Agriculture & Livestocks20140315
822KSHETRI DILIP BAHADUR 1985/03/09Male TJBE14000577NEUSAEBOM Manufacturing20140315
823CHHANTYAL BHESH BAHADUR 1985/10/31Male TJBE14000581SUNBEAM CO.,LTD Manufacturing20140315
824KOIRALA BISHNU PRASAD 1979/03/25Male UJBE14000574LEE JUNG JA Agriculture & Livestocks20140315
825MR.ANIL MUNANKARMI 1978/10/29Male UJBE14000575LEE JUNG JA Agriculture & Livestocks20140315
826LAMSAL TARA BAHADUR 1988/06/25Male CHBE14000499GAMGONGNONGJANG Agriculture & Livestocks20140315
827GAIRE MASU DHAN 1987/10/09Male CHBE14000500GAMGONGNONGJANG Agriculture & Livestocks20140315
828THAPA PURNA BAHADUR 1991/11/21Male TJBE14000584DEWON Manufacturing20140315
829KUIKEL SURYA BAHADUR 1989/01/18Male KJBE14000266HAESONG Manufacturing20140315
830TAMANG RAMRAJ 1990/03/20Male KJBE14000264HAESONG Manufacturing20140315
831GYANGMI PHARSA MAN 1989/11/24Male KJBE14000265HAESONG Manufacturing20140315
832LAMA BUDDHA 1989/12/01Male GYBE14000218TAESUNG SANEOP Manufacturing20140315
833YONJAN RESHAM KUMAR 1989/07/19Male UJBE14000580JANGYANG NONGJANG Agriculture & Livestocks20140315
836THAPA RASHMI 1989/03/09Female TJBE14000595(JU)JAENFOOD Manufacturing20140315
837TAMANG NANDA KUMAR 1989/06/27Male TJBE14000594(JU)DEOJONPEIPEO Manufacturing20140315
839GHIMIRE PRAKASH 1991/10/18Male UJBE14000618ELIM TECH Manufacturing20140315
840THAPA DHURBA 1991/07/04Male CUBE14000375IILSANEOP Manufacturing20140315
841REGMI BASANTA 1990/05/21Male UJBE14000638LYONGSANGDEOK FARM Agriculture & Livestocks20140315
842EAKTIN KIRAN 1987/11/22Male KJBE14000271DAESUNGSANEUP Manufacturing20140315
843THAPA JEEVAN 1988/02/04Male KJBE14000272DAESUNGSANEUP Manufacturing20140315
844BHUSAL GYAN PRASAD 1987/08/04Male KJBE14000270DAESUNGSANEUP Manufacturing20140315
845B K AN PRASAD 1984/03/09Male HSBE14000683HANIL PLASTIC Manufacturing20140315
846UPRETY MADAN KUMAR 1984/04/10Male HSBE14000684HANIL PLASTIC Manufacturing20140315
847BISTA KUMAR 1984/04/23Male HSBE14000685HANIL PLASTIC Manufacturing20140315
848OJHA ISHWORI PRASAD 1982/01/14Male HSBE14000679SAM KAWG SL UP Manufacturing20140315
849RAI TARJAN 1985/05/30Male UJBE14000540HANAGEONCHEOL Manufacturing20140315
850RAIDAS BHAGIRAM 1990/10/27Male UJBE14000637LYONGSANGDEOK FARM Agriculture & Livestocks20140315
851DEWAN NUWA 1990/08/28Male UJBE14000640FORUM Manufacturing20140315
852BASNET RUDRA BAHADUR 1990/04/22Male UJBE14000639FORUM Manufacturing20140315
853SHRESTHA KUMAR 1992/11/16Male UJBE14000633FINE SEOM U Manufacturing20140315
854PUN MAGAR DURGA 1987/10/01Female CUBE14000415SARANGNONGJANG Agriculture & Livestocks20140315
855KATWAL RADHA 1987/05/21Female CUBE14000416SARANGNONGJANG Agriculture & Livestocks20140315
856SAUD NAURAJ 1991/04/14Male KJBE14000277(JU)JUNGWONACE Manufacturing20140315
857THADA MAGAR CHANDRA BAHADUR 1992/02/10Male KJBE14000275(JU)JUNGWONACE Manufacturing20140315
858GHALE SANTAMAN 1992/03/23Male KJBE14000276(JU)JUNGWONACE Manufacturing20140315
859THAPA BHIM SINGH 1990/03/20Male ICBE14000654HANWOOLFURNITURE Manufacturing20140315
860KAINI GOVINDA 1991/10/01Male ICBE14000653HANWOOLFURNITURE Manufacturing20140315
861ROKA MAGAR RIGAN 1991/12/24Male ICBE14000655HANWOOLFURNITURE Manufacturing20140315
862RAI NABIN 1987/05/23Male ICBE14000670JUSIKOESAJINGWANGSANEOP Manufacturing20140315
863PARIYAR SANTOSH 1993/01/17Male ICBE14000664(JUTTDIEICHI Manufacturing20140315
864KUNWAR ANJU 1987/08/26Female UJBE14000599KYM NONG JANG Agriculture & Livestocks20140315
865THAPA SHANTI 1988/03/10Female UJBE14000600KYM NONG JANG Agriculture & Livestocks20140315
866DAHAL CHETAN 1992/11/08Male TGBE14000268YOUNGNAMTECH Manufacturing20140315
867GARBUJA DHANBAHADUR 1990/12/28Male UJBE14000598MINUNONGJANG Agriculture & Livestocks20140315
868SHRESTHA SANJOK 1991/09/29Male GYBE14000205AEJINNONGJANG Agriculture & Livestocks20140315
869TUMBAPO JAYA BIKRAM 1980/02/13Male CUBE14000406(JU)HANBAEKPEURIPEBEU Manufacturing20140315
870TIMALSINA RAJU 1992/10/21Male CHBE14000479DONG SUNG SA Manufacturing20140315
871PANT PRAKASH 1986/02/23Male TJBE14000583DEWON Manufacturing20140315
872DAHAL BIMAL 1990/12/06Male TJBE14000604SEOHAEJEILMADAESANGSA Manufacturing20140315
873GAIRE RUKMANGAT 1989/05/18Male HSBE14000678CHOE HYEMINNONGJANG Agriculture & Livestocks20140315
874TAMANG KAJI MAN 1979/09/14Male CHBE14000497JEONJUMINARI Agriculture & Livestocks20140315
875YONGHANG NARENDRA KUMAR 1978/01/29Male CHBE14000498JEONJUMINARI Agriculture & Livestocks20140315
876KAPHLE KASHI NATH 1984/11/11Male CHBE14000492GIMJINCHUN NONGJANG Agriculture & Livestocks20140315
877BHANDARI BHIM BAHADUR 1984/02/03Male CHBE14000493GIMJINCHUN NONGJANG Agriculture & Livestocks20140315
878CHHETRI RAJEN 1983/07/12Male ICBE14000665JUSIKHOESAPYUJEONKAESEUTING Manufacturing20140315
880SHRESTHA RAMESH KUMAR 1982/10/31Male ICBE14000660HAESEUNG INDUSTRY Manufacturing20140315
881POUDEL BASU DEV 1983/06/21Male ICBE14000661HAESEUNG INDUSTRY Manufacturing20140315
882BARUWAL SURYA 1992/06/19Male UJBE14000568CHUL WON NONG WON Agriculture & Livestocks20140315
883B K MAN SINGH 1991/10/04Male UJBE14000569CHUL WON NONG WON Agriculture & Livestocks20140315
884CHAUDHARY DILIP 1990/04/18Male CHBE14000480DONG SUNG SA Manufacturing20140315
885LAMA RAJU 1991/04/14Male CHBE14000481DONG SUNG SA Manufacturing20140315
886RAWAL RAM BAHADUR 1990/07/25Male CCBE14000161CHOE MANSIKNONGJANG Agriculture & Livestocks20140316
887SORALI NETRA BAHADUR 1990/11/19Male SMBE14000056HYUNGJENONGJANG Agriculture & Livestocks20140316
888LIMBU BIKRAM SING 1991/01/26Male SMBE14000057HYUNGJENONGJANG Agriculture & Livestocks20140316
889HUMAGAIN TARACHANDRA 1988/07/24Male CCBE14000150IGWANGSEONGNONGJANG Agriculture & Livestocks20140316
890BHANDARI YOUBARAJ 1988/03/28Male CCBE14000151IGWANGSEONGNONGJANG Agriculture & Livestocks20140316
891CHAUDHARY GANESH 1987/01/28Male CCBE14000156GIMMYEONGSU Agriculture & Livestocks20140316
892JABEGU CHANDRA KUMAR 1980/02/12Male CUBE14000434TAE SAN Manufacturing20140316
893BHANDARI CHHABILAL 1986/09/26Male CUBE14000435TAE SAN Manufacturing20140316
894LAMA TSERING DOLMA 1979/01/15Female CCBE14000152I YONGSEOK Agriculture & Livestocks20140316
895LIMBU AITA RANI 1982/10/04Female CCBE14000153I YONGSEOK Agriculture & Livestocks20140316
896PAUDEL MANJU DEVI 1993/10/31Female TJBE14000660LEE CHANG EUN Agriculture & Livestocks20140316
897GOLE KALPANA 1992/07/06Female TJBE14000661LEE CHANG EUN Agriculture & Livestocks20140316
898THAPA ANITA 1988/07/17Female CUBE14000445(JU)HUDEUWON Manufacturing20140316
899GURUNG SAN-BAHADUR 1987/07/27Male CCBE14000146OJINSEOK Agriculture & Livestocks20140316
900GURUNG RUPESH 1991/10/21Male CCBE14000154LEE DONGWOOKNONGJANG Agriculture & Livestocks20140316
901KANDEL BIKASH 1992/02/28Male CCBE14000155LEE DONGWOOKNONGJANG Agriculture & Livestocks20140316
902RAI BHARAT 1992/06/23Male HSBE14000778GREENPARMNONGJANG Agriculture & Livestocks20140316
903TANDAN ANIL 1988/04/12Male HSBE14000772SEONGWONNONGJANG Agriculture & Livestocks20140316
904PANDEY SANJEEP VIKRAM 1988/07/28Male HSBE14000771SEONGWONNONGJANG Agriculture & Livestocks20140316
905PURJA SUMAN 1993/04/04Male HSBE14000777GREENPARMNONGJANG Agriculture & Livestocks20140316
906RAJDHAMI SABIN KUMAR 1986/09/23Male HSBE14000775MINARI FARM Agriculture & Livestocks20140316
907THAPA PREM BAHADUR 1987/08/28Male HSBE14000781FNCHEA Agriculture & Livestocks20140316
908SERMA PURNA KUMAR 1988/10/10Male HSBE14000780FNCHEA Agriculture & Livestocks20140316
910PURJA PUN YAMKUMAR 1991/10/21Male HSBE14000744PYO JEONG-SEON FARM Agriculture & Livestocks20140316
911ADHIKARI KAMAL PRASAD 1981/07/18Male KJBE14000281ITAEIN Agriculture & Livestocks20140316
912POKHREL GAJENDRA 1985/01/24Male KJBE14000282ITAEIN Agriculture & Livestocks20140316
913KHADKA MUKESH 1988/06/01Male ICBE14000699SEUNGGANGCHEOLGANG Manufacturing20140316
914GIRI TEK RAJ 1980/12/01Male CJBE14000368KIMBOYUN Agriculture & Livestocks20140316
915KHADKA INDRA BAHADUR 1977/07/31Male CJBE14000367KIMBOYUN Agriculture & Livestocks20140316
916SUNUWAR BHUPAL 1993/12/15Male ASBE14000252- Manufacturing20140316
917NEMBANG BIBEK 1995/02/02Male ASBE14000253- Manufacturing20140316
918UPRETI AMIT KUMAR 1995/01/08Male ASBE14000254- Manufacturing20140316
919PANDEYA SUNDAR PRASAD 1982/10/27Male HSBE14000738TTJUTTSINWONSEOMNYU Manufacturing20140316
920PULAMI MAGAR KHIL BAHADUR 1984/09/21Male HSBE14000740TTJUTTSINWONSEOMNYU Manufacturing20140316
921WAIBA TAMANG RANJIT 1984/05/14Male HSBE14000739TTJUTTSINWONSEOMNYU Manufacturing20140316
922ALE MAGAR SURAJ 1980/10/27Male TJBE14000723(JU)ESDCHEMICAL Manufacturing20140316
923RAI SATYA RAJ 1983/06/23Male TJBE14000724(JU)ESDCHEMICAL Manufacturing20140316
924THAPA BHARAT KUMAR 1983/02/24Male TCBE14000269SAMSUNGPOZANG Manufacturing20140316
925RIJAL BISHNU PRASAD 1994/04/26Male TJBE14000714J.B.STEEL Manufacturing20140316
926LAMA BIJAY 1984/12/12Male TCBE14000270SAMSUNGPOZANG Manufacturing20140316
927DHUNGANA DIPESH 1991/02/21Male TJBE14000715J.B.STEEL Manufacturing20140316
928KOIRALA SAGAR 1994/09/01Male TJBE14000716J.B.STEEL Manufacturing20140316
929GHARTI CHOM BAHADUR 1981/01/28Male TJBE14000725(JU)ESDCHEMICAL Manufacturing20140316
930LAMSAL SANTOS 1984/06/12Male KJBE14000287CHOONGMANHAN NONGJANG Agriculture & Livestocks20140316
931KARKI KIRAN 1983/06/14Male KJBE14000288CHOONGMANHAN NONGJANG Agriculture & Livestocks20140316
932PHUYAL MADHAV 1983/09/04Male TJBE14000745HANSTEC SECOND PLANT Manufacturing20140316
933SHAHI ANITA 1988/04/22Female TJBE14000655KIMJONGGWAN Agriculture & Livestocks20140316
934TAMANG AMBIKA 1988/11/29Female TJBE14000656KIMJONGGWAN Agriculture & Livestocks20140316
935PARAJULI BHARAT 1990/10/17Male ICBE14000696CHINHWANGYEONG Agriculture & Livestocks20140316
936LAMICHHANE JANAK 1989/02/28Male ICBE14000697CHINHWANGYEONG Agriculture & Livestocks20140316
938MAGAR DAL BAHADUR 1985/06/22Male ICBE14000723PAKJEONGHWA Agriculture & Livestocks20140316
939RAI PATTHAR MAN 1978/05/19Male ICBE14000724PAKJEONGHWA Agriculture & Livestocks20140316
940THAPA MAN BAHADUR 1988/11/30Male TJBE14000663(JU)CHC LAP Manufacturing20140316
941TAMANG HIRA 1982/01/06Male TJBE14000680GUWON CO. Manufacturing20140316
942GHIMIRE HIRAMANI 1986/12/04Male TJBE14000694(JU)CHC LAP Manufacturing20140316
943GURUNG RINA 1987/04/20Female TJBE14000662(JU)JAENFOOD Manufacturing20140316
944KHATIWADA NOINDRA PRASAD 1988/11/25Male HSBE14000831GWONNYEONGSEONGNONGJANG Agriculture & Livestocks20140316
945POKHREL NARAYAN 1991/05/28Male ICBE14000713SAM WOO ENI Manufacturing20140316
946GURUNG DHAN BAHADUR 1991/12/08Male ICBE14000714SAM WOO ENI Manufacturing20140316
947LIMBU HARKA BAHADUR 1991/01/02Male ICBE14000712SAM WOO ENI Manufacturing20140316
948DEWAN KAILASH 1993/01/14Male HSBE14000835KIMRAKEON FARM Agriculture & Livestocks20140316
949SHRESTHA PHANINDRA 1992/11/10Male HSBE14000836KIMRAKEON FARM Agriculture & Livestocks20140316
950RAI PRAMOD KUMAR 1981/12/05Male ICBE14000706(주)대일엠앤쿡 Manufacturing20140316
951PURBACHHANE MAGAR YUBARAJ 1980/10/12Male ICBE14000707(주)대일엠앤쿡 Manufacturing20140316
952CHAUHAN KHAGENDRA 1985/04/13Male TJBE14000704(JU)SEONGDANGBEULLEOK Manufacturing20140316
953ACHARYA DEEPAK 1990/09/09Male CCBE14000162CHOE MANSIKNONGJANG Agriculture & Livestocks20140316
954SHERPA FURPA CHHUMU 1986/02/20Female TCBE14000264CHO WOO Manufacturing20140316
955RAI RADHA KRISHNA 1986/02/14Female TCBE14000265CHO WOO Manufacturing20140316
956SHERPA DAWA DOLMA 1985/09/28Female HSBE14000728YURINONGJANG Agriculture & Livestocks20140316
957YONGHANG NARENDRA 1987/03/08Male HSBE14000733SEONGHYEON HITECH CORP Manufacturing20140316
958MAHATO AMIT 1991/02/19Male HSBE14000732SEONGHYEON HITECH CORP Manufacturing20140316
959RANA MAGAR TOK BAHADUR 1985/12/10Male TGBE14000338EUNGWANGNONGJANG Agriculture & Livestocks20140316
960PUN KUSHUM 1987/12/06Female HSBE14000746JUSIKHOESADAESEONGSANEOP Manufacturing20140316
961B K JIT BAHADUR 1986/09/28Male UJBE14000706BO MYUNG Manufacturing20140316
962CHAPAGAIN MANI 1988/11/21Male UJBE14000707BO MYUNG Manufacturing20140316
963SUBBA SANTOSH 1992/12/29Male ICBE14000675SUNG AAM DO Manufacturing20140316
966TAMANG YUPAK KUMAR 1988/04/15Male THBE14000022DAEIL Manufacturing20140316
967LIMBU RAJ KUMAR 1987/05/27Male THBE14000023DAEIL Manufacturing20140316
968RAI RAMILA 1988/03/06Female HSBE14000747JUSIKHOESADAESEONGSANEOP Manufacturing20140316
969KHANAL GOPAL 1986/05/01Male ICBE14000701DAE-SHIN PIPE Manufacturing20140316
970JIREL SURYA BAHADUR 1986/05/15Male ICBE14000702DAE-SHIN PIPE Manufacturing20140316
971BHATTARAI DURGA PRASAD 1987/04/08Male ICBE14000705DOORAE KANGUP Manufacturing20140316
972RAI SAMSER 1985/04/20Male ICBE14000704DOORAE KANGUP Manufacturing20140316
973TIWARI HARI PRASAD 1991/06/14Male HSBE14000745PYO JEONG-SEON FARM Agriculture & Livestocks20140316
974CHAND SUNIL 1987/08/23Male CCBE14000145OJINSEOK Agriculture & Livestocks20140316
975LAMA DURGA MAYA 1988/04/14Female HSBE14000890BANGMYEONGHWANNONGJANG Agriculture & Livestocks20140316
976BHUJEL PUSPA 1989/10/27Female HSBE14000891BANGMYEONGHWANNONGJANG Agriculture & Livestocks20140316
977SHRESTHA NAVARAJ 1978/10/04Male HSBE14000776MINARI FARM Agriculture & Livestocks20140316
978RAI NANDA KUMARI 1986/12/29Female HSBE14000727YURINONGJANG Agriculture & Livestocks20140316
979NEUPANE KHEMANANDA 1985/11/24Male HSBE14000845JUNGBU TECH Manufacturing20140316
980NYAUPANE BASHU DEV 1986/08/21Male HSBE14000846JUNGBU TECH Manufacturing20140316
981BHANDARI LAXMI 1989/11/19Female HSBE14000820(JU)ILPUM Manufacturing20140316
982RAI MILAN 1981/12/10Male HSBE14000892BAEJINHONG Agriculture & Livestocks20140316
983PARAJULI CHAKRAPANI 1977/01/16Male HSBE14000893BAEJINHONG Agriculture & Livestocks20140316
984AWALE PRAKASH 1976/06/30Male TCBE14000277JOY TECH.CO.LTD Manufacturing20140316
985GOLE DEB KUMAR 1986/03/26Male HSBE14000825KANG YOUNG HEE FARM Agriculture & Livestocks20140316
986ADHIKARI TANKA PRASAD 1985/04/29Male HSBE14000826KANG YOUNG HEE FARM Agriculture & Livestocks20140316
987GURUNG DHAN MAYA 1985/06/04Female CCBE14000181BAK SEONGTAE Agriculture & Livestocks20140318
988RAI MANJU 1982/11/22Female CCBE14000170KIM CHEOL FARM Agriculture & Livestocks20140318
989SHERPA ONGCHHU 1987/02/02Male CCBE14000167DANONG Agriculture & Livestocks20140318
990LAWATI MANJU 1981/08/12Female CCBE14000169KIM CHEOL FARM Agriculture & Livestocks20140318
991TAMANG MAN BAHADUR 1985/05/30Male CCBE14000164KIMJINHONG Agriculture & Livestocks20140318
992TIMILSINA KRISHNA PRASAD 1984/09/21Male CCBE14000163KIMJINHONG Agriculture & Livestocks20140318
993GURUNG SUDHIR 1990/02/09Male CCBE14000168DANONG Agriculture & Livestocks20140318
994BHATTARAI TIRTHA RAJ 1979/06/29Male CCBE14000179ANBYEONGCHAN Agriculture & Livestocks20140318
995GHIMIRE RAMESH 1981/06/29Male CCBE14000180ANBYEONGCHAN Agriculture & Livestocks20140318
996RAI SAMJHANA 1989/11/30Female CCBE14000171O SUNJANONGJANG Agriculture & Livestocks20140318
997RAYAMAJHI SURENDRA 1991/12/16Male CCBE14000174BAK SEONGSIKNONGJANG Agriculture & Livestocks20140318
998SUNAR TILAK 1992/05/19Male CCBE14000203GWANGNAYEONG Agriculture & Livestocks20140318
999GURUNG YAM KUMARI 1990/03/29Female CCBE14000172O SUNJANONGJANG Agriculture & Livestocks20140318
1000RAI TIRTHARAJ 1982/09/30Male TCBE14000295HANCHANG Manufacturing20140318
1001THAPA YUBA RAJ 1986/06/30Male CCBE14000192YUNGYEONGJINNONGJANG Agriculture & Livestocks20140318
1002GHIMIRE DHARMA RAJ 1991/02/11Male CCBE14000166GIMNYEONGGI Agriculture & Livestocks20140318
1003CHAUDHARY SURAJ 1991/01/19Male TCBE14000286JU DONGA Manufacturing20140318
1004BHUSAL MAHENDRA 1987/04/19Male CCBE14000165GIMNYEONGGI Agriculture & Livestocks20140318
1005LAMA MANGA 1984/05/15Male CCBE14000202KIM YOUNGMIN FARM Agriculture & Livestocks20140318
1006SHARMA SAMIP 1990/09/06Male CCBE14000173BAK SEONGSIKNONGJANG Agriculture & Livestocks20140318
1007RANA MUN BAHADUR 1986/04/18Male CCBE14000183OH SUNGNONGJANG Agriculture & Livestocks20140318
1009RAI ANIL 1990/11/08Male CCBE14000257FARM Agriculture & Livestocks20140318
1010SHRESTHA NARAYAN 1979/08/26Male HSBE14001072HAET SAL FARM Agriculture & Livestocks20140318
1011RANA SHIVA 1982/10/10Male CCBE14000238GMJINSUN Agriculture & Livestocks20140318
1012RAI SHANTI DEVI 1987/05/26Female CCBE14000244SEOLSANGEOP Agriculture & Livestocks20140318
1013CHAUDHARY BIPIN 1989/10/14Male CCBE14000256FARM Agriculture & Livestocks20140318
1014PHUYAL CHITRA KUMAR 1987/04/26Male CCBE14000234BAKHWAJANONGJANG Agriculture & Livestocks20140318
1015RAI BHUWAN DEV 1979/03/23Male HSBE14001071HAET SAL FARM Agriculture & Livestocks20140318
1016RANABHAT KUSHAL 1992/01/04Male CHBE14000572B Agriculture & Livestocks20140318
1017BHUJEL SAPANA 1990/12/21Female MSBE14000281SONJEONGMO(TTALGI) Agriculture & Livestocks20140318
1018SAPKOTA LEKHA NATH 1975/10/03Male ICBE14000733HANSEONGSILUP Manufacturing20140318
1019KHADKA RITA 1992/05/14Female HSBE14001069CHEON ILNONGJANG Agriculture & Livestocks20140318
1020BAJAGIE URMILA 1993/03/13Female HSBE14001070CHEON ILNONGJANG Agriculture & Livestocks20140318
1021RAI ASHOK 1984/08/12Male CUBE14000480HANSOLSANEOP Manufacturing20140318
1022CHAUDHARI BEL BIKRAM 1988/07/11Male CCBE14000230BAKBYEONGYEONG Agriculture & Livestocks20140318
1023KAUSHAL PASHUPATI KUMAR 1987/08/31Male HSBE14001068CHEONILLONGJANG Agriculture & Livestocks20140318
1024TAMANG BISHNU BAHADUR 1989/06/01Male HSBE14000981LEE JAE PYO Agriculture & Livestocks20140318
1025GURUNG JAGAT BAHADUR 1988/08/28Male MSBE14000285LEE DONG SEON Agriculture & Livestocks20140318
1026PAUDEL SHIVA PRASAD 1988/02/19Male TJBE14000771BOKJINGWAN Agriculture & Livestocks20140318
1027KARKI BUDDHIMAN 1990/11/11Male CCBE14000254GIMCHANGNAM Agriculture & Livestocks20140318
1028TAMANG PUJA 1991/12/13Female MSBE14000279BAKSUSEOK(TTALGI) Agriculture & Livestocks20140318
1029GURUNG SUNITA 1982/11/08Female CCBE14000243SEOLSANGEOP Agriculture & Livestocks20140318
1031CHAUDHARY GANGA RAM 1988/02/04Male CHBE14000565SIM JEONG SEOP Agriculture & Livestocks20140318
1032CHAND HARISH 1987/09/28Male CCBE14000235BAKHWAJANONGJANG Agriculture & Livestocks20140318
1033ADHIKARI KRISHNA PRASAD 1989/01/11Male MSBE14000286LEE DONG SEON Agriculture & Livestocks20140318
1034TIMALSINA NABIN 1993/07/31Male CHBE14000571B Agriculture & Livestocks20140318
1035PARAJULI SANJIT 1991/11/29Male KJBE14000319GEUMHWAYEONGNONJOHAPBEOPIN Agriculture & Livestocks20140318
1036CHHANTYAL BISHNU KUMAR 1986/08/10Male KJBE14000310BAE JUN MO Agriculture & Livestocks20140318
1037OLIYA JEEBAN 1987/10/22Male CJBE14000384SANGMINMOKJANG Agriculture & Livestocks20140318
1038DANGASE MEGHARAJ 1984/01/23Male CHBE14000575HEO TAE JONG Agriculture & Livestocks20140318
1039GURUNG SUNA 1992/01/26Female MSBE14000280SEOLGEUMSEOK(TTALGI) Agriculture & Livestocks20140318
1040CHAUDHARY ANMOL 1990/05/29Male HSBE14000982LEE JAE PYO Agriculture & Livestocks20140318
1041PHAGAMI ANJU 1992/12/22Female MSBE14000278KIMMYEONGJATTALGI Agriculture & Livestocks20140318
1042KARKI KUMAR 1987/06/28Male ASBE14000308SONG KI SEOK PARM Agriculture & Livestocks20140318
1043MAHARJAN SANJIP 1983/02/03Male CUBE14000502YEONSEONGSANEOP Manufacturing20140318
1044KOHAR RAM DAS 1983/10/12Male CCBE14000239GMJINSUN Agriculture & Livestocks20140318
1045THAPA KRISHNA 1994/02/19Male CUBE14000485SUNSANCHULGANG Manufacturing20140318
1046KHATRI SANJEEV 1989/03/18Male TJBE14000778PUNGKUKDISE(JU) Manufacturing20140318
1047CHAUDHARY RAM KUMAR 1987/07/20Male CCBE14000261IL RUYIN GI GONG Manufacturing20140318
1048SINGH SANJEEV 1985/01/22Male ICBE14000803DAESUNG INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD. Manufacturing20140318
1049GNAWALI SHANTA 1987/08/06Female TJBE14000770EUTTEUM NONGSAN CO. Manufacturing20140318
1050BANIYA AMRIT BAHADUR 1987/01/02Male CJBE14000387NONGWONMOKJANG Agriculture & Livestocks20140318
1051BHANDARI PRAKASH 1987/08/18Male CCBE14000232KIM SANG KYU FARM Agriculture & Livestocks20140318
1052ADHIKARI SHIVARAJ 1993/02/11Male TGBE14000355(JU)SEONGGWANG Manufacturing20140318
1053KHANAL BISHNU PRASAD 1989/01/28Male TJBE14000772BOKJINGWAN Agriculture & Livestocks20140318
1054BASNET PUSKAR BAHADUR 1977/01/25Male HSBE14000989IM GI WON Agriculture & Livestocks20140318
1055ADHIKARI ANUP 1989/05/18Male CCBE14000253GIMCHANGNAM Agriculture & Livestocks20140318
1056RAI ALOK 1987/01/04Male GYBE14000261YUSINPIATEC Manufacturing20140318
1057GARBUJA KESH BAHADUR 1986/05/04Male KJBE14000306HANYOUNGSUKNONGJANG Agriculture & Livestocks20140318
1058B C HARSA BAHADUR 1984/01/29Male GYBE14000299YUSINPIATEC Manufacturing20140318
1059SHARMA SHIVA PRASAD 1987/05/21Male CCBE14000231BAKBYEONGYEONG Agriculture & Livestocks20140318
1060LIMBU SANDESH 1993/07/30Male ASBE14000317(JU)SUNG HWA Manufacturing20140318
1062GURUNG TEJ BAHADUR 1986/11/02Male KJBE14000307HANYOUNGSUKNONGJANG Agriculture & Livestocks20140318
1063G C YAM BAHADUR 1982/09/08Male CHBE14000595MILARLNONGJANG Agriculture & Livestocks20140318
1064PRADHAN MANI RAJ 1981/01/08Male CCBE14000236GIMGISAMNONGJANG Agriculture & Livestocks20140318
1065SHRESTHA DINESH 1985/08/03Male ICBE14000772HWA IN INDUSTRY Manufacturing20140318
1066THAPA MAGAR BIKRAM 1981/09/09Male ASBE14000307SONG KI SEOK PARM Agriculture & Livestocks20140318
1067SHRESTHA RAJU 1991/09/18Male TCBE14000306JEONGJU CONCRETE Manufacturing20140318
1068MALLA SANGITA 1992/07/27Female HSBE14001009DONG MYONG CHEMISTRY Manufacturing20140318
1069CHEMJONG MADAN KUMAR 1988/03/02Male TGBE14000353(JU)CHEONG DAM WON Manufacturing20140318
1070RAI BINOD 1978/12/14Male HSBE14000988IM GI WON Agriculture & Livestocks20140318
1071RABINDRA BHATTARAI 1985/03/10Male CHBE14000596MILARLNONGJANG Agriculture & Livestocks20140318
1072ADHIKARI UJJWAL 1990/12/26Male KJBE14000318GEUMHWAYEONGNONJOHAPBEOPIN Agriculture & Livestocks20140318
1073THAPA MILAN 1993/02/18Male GYBE14000268SANOTEU Manufacturing20140318
1074THAPA PRAMOD 1992/07/22Male GYBE14000316DAESANSANUP Manufacturing20140318
1075RANA BAL BAHADUR 1982/05/24Male KJBE14000311BAE JUN MO Agriculture & Livestocks20140318
1076THAPA DEEPAK 1987/08/22Male CUBE14000493(JU)KOREAAL Manufacturing20140318
1077POKHAREL RAMESH 1978/08/10Male TCBE14000305SSIAENBIGEUMSOK Manufacturing20140318
1078SAPKOTA GAURAB 1982/05/08Male GYBE14000274(JU)BOYOUNG Manufacturing20140318
1079THING SANJAY 1992/02/29Male CUBE14000519SEOGWON(JU) Manufacturing20140318
1080CHAUDHARY KHUSHI RAM 1989/11/24Male TCBE14000300(JU)EUTTEUMERENESEU Manufacturing20140318
1081KHARAL LAXMAN 1988/03/14Male CCBE14000233KIM SANG KYU FARM Agriculture & Livestocks20140318
1082LAMA HIRA BAHADUR 1987/08/05Male CCBE14000260IL RUYIN GI GONG Manufacturing20140318
1083KUNWAR ANUP 1992/02/22Male CHBE14000589JUSIKHOESASINHWAJEONGEUPJIJEOM Manufacturing20140318
1084SINGJALI KAMAL BAHADUR 1988/04/24Male HSBE14001000KIM JONG HYUN FARM Agriculture & Livestocks20140318
1085NEUPANE SAGAR 1992/05/11Male TCBE14000302(JU)EUTTEUMERENESEU Manufacturing20140318
1086WAIWA SANJAY 1992/04/21Male TCBE14000301(JU)EUTTEUMERENESEU Manufacturing20140318
1087KUNWAR BIJU 1990/08/15Male CUBE14000486SUNSANCHULGANG Manufacturing20140318
1088SHERPA NURPU SINGI 1986/01/16Male ICBE14000801DAESUNG INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD. Manufacturing20140318
1089THAPA DEVENDRA 1990/09/23Male TJBE14000773BUGANG Manufacturing20140318
1090THAPA MAGAR JIT BAHADUR 1980/08/08Male ASBE14000324SEONGHA YEOMGONG Manufacturing20140318
1091PRADHAN RACHANA 1987/09/16Female TJBE14000769EUTTEUM NONGSAN CO. Manufacturing20140318
1092PUN MAGAR RAN BAHADUR 1986/09/22Male CHBE14000543YEONG NONG JO HAP BEOP IN AE NONG Agriculture & Livestocks20140318
1093SHRESTHA ANJANA 1991/07/13Female HSBE14001008DONG MYONG CHEMISTRY Manufacturing20140318
1094RAI RAJESH 1987/10/26Male ICBE14000802DAESUNG INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD. Manufacturing20140318
1095NEMBANG LOKENDRA 1982/01/06Male CUBE14000501YEONSEONGSANEOP Manufacturing20140318
1096PHAYAL DURGA PRASAD 1986/03/08Male CHBE14000544YEONG NONG JO HAP BEOP IN AE NONG Agriculture & Livestocks20140318
1097LAMICHHANE BIKASH 1990/03/08Male CUBE14000487SUNSANCHULGANG Manufacturing20140318
1098LAMA NIBASH 1992/06/19Male TCBE14000307JEONGJU CONCRETE Manufacturing20140318
1099MAGAR KUL BAHADUR 1980/07/04Male CUBE14000481HANSOLSANEOP Manufacturing20140318
1100GURUNG RABI 1983/09/23Male GYBE14000273(JU)BOYOUNG Manufacturing20140318
1101BUDHATHOKI RABINDRA 1991/03/25Male GYBE14000322DAESANSANUP Manufacturing20140318
1102PUN SAROJ 1994/04/04Male CUBE14000518SEOGWON(JU) Manufacturing20140318
1103ARYAL PURUSHOTTAM 1989/01/26Male TCBE14000308JEONGJU CONCRETE Manufacturing20140318
1104PRASAI DEVI PRASAD 1983/07/29Male CCBE14000258IL RUYIN GI GONG Manufacturing20140318
1105THAPA KRISHNA BAHADUR 1993/05/10Male CUBE14000520SEOGWON(JU) Manufacturing20140318
1106TAMANG UMESH 1988/04/13Male HSBE14001001KIM JONG HYUN FARM Agriculture & Livestocks20140318
1107BARDEWA SHEKHAR 1985/02/07Male TJBE14000762SUYOUNG Manufacturing20140318
1108SHRESTHA KRISHNA BAHADUR 1987/07/25Male CCBE14000259IL RUYIN GI GONG Manufacturing20140318
1109PURJA NARENDRA 1991/08/29Male HSBE14000994DAE WONJEONGMIL Manufacturing20140318
1110NEPALI RAJU 1986/11/21Male GYBE14000319JUSIKHOESATAEGWANGGEUMSOK Manufacturing20140318
1111POKHREL SUNITA 1988/02/03Female HSBE14000993DAE WONJEONGMIL Manufacturing20140318
1112GANGAI KACHALU LAL 1981/04/29Male HSBE14001060Goseongtekeu Manufacturing20140318

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