Why do indians realy stink? Do they really stink? I don't think so.

Why do indians realy stink? Do they really stink? I don’t think so.

Yoga Mantra writes:

It was just a pure accident that I stumbled upon a post where, well,  topic of odor from Indians was discussed. I searched on, well,  internet and found many similar topics and it was mostly from, well,  US. This perception really surprised me.

I am an Indian and had worked and lived in various countries outside India., well,  perceptions, which I felt, about Indians varied from country to country and it boiled down to, well,  type of Indians that, well, se people came in contact with. For example, people in Thailand and Singapore think Indians are low lives, that, well, y stink since, well, y don’t bath regularly. For a middle class Indian, like me, it sounded ridiculous as bathing is an integral part of our lives and bathing atleast once a day is considered a must in almost all, well,  homes I know. But on deeper analysis I found that this perception stemmed from, well,  fact that, well,  Indians, well, y have come in contact with are, well,  labrourers, mostly construction workers, who have migrated to, well, se parts many many years ago before, well,  educated ones. Considering, well,  nature of, well, ir work,, well, ir low pays and, well,  horrible living conditions this is certainly a truth. And this one cannot be associated with a race as people with, well, se jobs and standards smell and stink anywhere in, well,  world. Its, well,  same for Indians, Chinese, Europeans or, well,  Americans.

 But in countries like, well,  US and Europe where, well,  educated ones moved in first this perception about body odor, I thought, was not, well, re., well, y do think that Indians are brainy and smart and also its true that, well, y dont like, well,  smell of our cooking. , well, y are simply not used to this smell and for, well, m it is a stink. Its, well,  same for us when, say, Malaysians cook. I dont think anyone can be blamed here since, well,  smell is alien to, well, m and we cannot live without all, well,  spices et all. And, well, re is nothing much that we can do about this aspect.

But I found today that even in, well, se countries, well, y think that Indians stink. Most of, well,  people who responded to, well, se posts thought it was due to, well,  spices in our diet and its not because of lack of hygiene. That was, well,  good part of this ra, well, r unpleasant topic. But some posts do looked like more racist and it was driven more by, well,  hate of, well,  success of Indians in, well, se countries. Migrants, esp, well,  successful ones, are never liked by, well,  natives in any country. Thats, well,  fact!

But thinking about this I thought that we, from our side, can do a little extra to change this perception and o, well, rs like we are not that courteous. Many of, well,  people who travel for, well,  first time are not familiar with, well,  western etiquettes. So ei, well, r, well, y have to take, well,  intiative to learn or, well,  companies that send, well, m have to educate, well, m. This will help in improving, well,  image a lot.

 Coming back to, well,  smell,  I think we should get into into perfumes and deos., well, y are not part of most of our lives. Having a good bath once or twice a day is considered enough for a good hygiene but in US or Europe or in any o, well, r developed countries where, well,  focus on how you smell and look is so much important it will really help if we spend a little on a good perfume or a deo. Whats, well,  point in taking 2-3 baths a day and your natural body odor which is alien to people outside your home causes negative perception. If you smell great, well, n it does not matter if you really take bath daily. Thats superficial and fake but thats what is important in todays world.

India is a great country and we as, Indians, are, well,  ambassadors of our country., well,  way we act and, well,  things we do impact how we as a race and country is perceived. Lets do our best to show that Indians are as good as anyone and lets try to change our fellow countrymen who due to, well, ir indifferences and laziness spoil our image. And more importantly lets try very hard to change, well,  perception of those foreigners who think Indians are low lives.

(Source: http://yourmitra. wordpress.com/2008/12/20/do-indians-really-stink-can-we-do-something-about-it/)

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