Non-Resident Madheshis Association (NRM-A) formed in US to fight for Madhesi rights and identity

APRIL 6: A group of people living/working in different parts of the world have formed an alliance called Non-Resident Madheshis Association (NRM-A) in USA.

With a logo carrying mother Madhesh slogan, the group says its main objective is to promote the recognition and identity of Madheshi -- or Madhesi -- community around the world.

However, the group has not mentioned whether those in the organization are Nepalis or not. The NRM-A, nonetheless, states that one of its office would be based in Kathmandu too.

The press release issued by the group states that organisation’s goal is to work for the identity of all Madhesi students, professionals living around the globe.

Chaired by Chandra Kant Rout from USA, the NRM-A comprise of representatives from India, China, Australia and UAE. (see more

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