Ling Ling, Rasuwa - Nepal Road to Tibet

The top 10 Most Beautiful Countries are:


10. Kenya
9. Italy
8. Tanzania
7. Colombia
6. Argentina
5. Namibia
4. China
3. New Zealand
2. United States of America
And at the number one spot? 

1. Nepal

Nepal is by any means the most beautiful country in the world. The recent earthquake has given some dents but still the country retains its breathtaking beauty, smiling and welcoming as ever.

In praise of the beauty of this country, a travel writer said:

"If I have a second to tell my friends what could make them feel really good and happy and i am dying, i would tell them that; You must travel Nepal at least once in your lifetime before you die. Or else, you will not know what precious moment the world had to offer to you."

With world's top mountain, Everest, birthplace of Lord Buddha, Lumbini, most diverse flora and fauna (found in 70m to over 8,000 m altitude), and welcoming and humble people, we couldn't agree more! What do you think? Plan for your vacation.

[This is an opinion of this blogger, you are free to disagree with this conviction.]

Earthquake triggered Landlisde in Sindhupalchowk - Canadian Army clears

On May 12, the day when Nepal was shaken by second major earthquake, we were traveling back from Sindhupalchowk. Suddenly the earthquake shook the entire mountain and there were hundreds of landslides all around. One major one was this, video-taped here while we waited for the Canadian Army (was here fore rescue after April 25 quake) to clear it. Read more at:

Reaching Rasuwa's Ling Ling after earthquake with relief materials

A group of resident and nonresident Nepalis have distributed relief materials to earthquake affected people in Ling Ling of Rasuwa. The Ling Ling village is one of the most affected villages of Rasuwa, a district bordering Tibet on the north.

Despite the mighty rain and storm of Saturday, our mission to reach out to earthquake survivors near Nepal-Tibet border in Ling-Ling, Rasuwa was successful.

With live and active landslides and rain and 16-our long non-stop journey, it was challenging. But this was way less challenging than the life of the people in Ling Ling since the April 25 earthquake. More than 50 percent of the families in the village were landless and had received very little as relief, mainly due to its remoteness and lack of access by good road. The landslides kept many people away from the district.

Sincere Thanks to the team who contributed in purchasing the relief materials by raising Rs. 108,000 which paid for transport of two trucks and relief materials. The key contributors includes Kumar and Radha Pradhan and the family, JohnParajuli​ and his family, KamalSigdel and his family, VijayaSingh, VijayKeshari and others. The relief (1000Kg rice, 250kg beans, 100 kg salt packets, 50 liters cooking oil, soaps etc) reached to 200 members of 50 families in mountanious village.

Landslide blocks Kali Gandaki River Nepal: risks of floods, water overflows

A huge landslide has blocked the Kali Gandaki River in western Nepal, north of the tourist city Pokhara. Few hours after the landslide occurred (midnight on May 24, 2015), the blocked water has formed a huge lake, submerging the blacktopped road, some settlements for over 7 kilometers above the block point. The Nepal Army and the geologists have observed the river blockade and the landslide, which is still active. The experts have ruled out any possibility of clearing the landslide debris to let the blocked water pass through. The local authorities have issued flood alerts and warned people in the downstream to evacuate their homes and go for safer places in high altitude. The reports are still coming in.

The risks of floods however was reduced after the water started draining out from the suddenly formed lake.

Live Earthquake Footage at Avenues TV - Dolakha after May 12 quake

Missing US helicopter found crashed

KATHMANDU, MAY 15 - After more than 60 hours, a search and rescue mission on Friday recovered the debris of crashed UH-1Y Huey helicopter at the Northern slope of Kalinchowk hill in Dolakha district. No survivors have been reported.  

Defence Ministry Secretary Ishwori Prasad Paudyal confirmed that the US military chopper was found crashed on the hillside. Further details are yet to come.

The chopper with six US Marines and two Nepali soldiers on board had been missing since Tuesday evening. The chopper was deployed for search and rescue mission to Dolakha, one of the districts hit hardest by both the quakes.


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