Landslide blocks Kali Gandaki River Nepal: risks of floods, water overflows

A huge landslide has blocked the Kali Gandaki River in western Nepal, north of the tourist city Pokhara. Few hours after the landslide occurred (midnight on May 24, 2015), the blocked water has formed a huge lake, submerging the blacktopped road, some settlements for over 7 kilometers above the block point. The Nepal Army and the geologists have observed the river blockade and the landslide, which is still active. The experts have ruled out any possibility of clearing the landslide debris to let the blocked water pass through. The local authorities have issued flood alerts and warned people in the downstream to evacuate their homes and go for safer places in high altitude. The reports are still coming in.

The risks of floods however was reduced after the water started draining out from the suddenly formed lake.

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