Amresh, Nitu agree to formally break up

Amresh, Nitu agree to formally break up


After a long and heated internal conflict, Amresh Kumar Singh and his wife Nitu Singh have finally agreed to break up formally.

Nitu, the Nepali student at the Film and Television Institute of India (FTII), Pune who was deported back to Nepal by Indian police for her involvement in anti-India activities, had filed a case on Thursday at the Kathamndu District Court seeking divorce.

The couple’s divorce has come closer to fruition after Amresh submitted his readiness to go ahead with the divorce on Friday. Following Nitu filing the divorce case, the court had written to Amresh demanding a reply within 30 days timeline.

“I was under stress since the incident started,” Amresh told the Post. “I hope the divorce will make me stress free so that I can concentrate on my political career.”

Both Nitu and Amresh have mentioned in their respective documents that they are not in a position to put up with the souring relations any longer.

Along with the divorce, Nitu has demanded a portion of the property from her husband. As per the Nepali law (Chapter on husband-wife in Muluki Ain), a wife is conditionally entitled to a portion of husband’s property after getting divorced.

In her divorce document, Nitu has also mentioned that she is not pregnant, which could have taken the case to a different mode. My husband, he document goes, “using his political power made the Indian government deport me back to Nepal on Dec. 9, 2009 on false charges of involvement on anti-national activities. “I have filed this divorce case concluding that it is better to break up than to continue the husband-wife under such condition,” reads Nitu’s divorce paper. She has also mentioned that she agreed to marry Amresh under family pressure and the relations gradually soured after the marriage. She has not citied any reasons why her relations soured.

Amresh, however, has cited that Nitu’s “love affairs with other men” was the main reason that created rift in their relations. Amresh has denied Nitu’s allegations regarding his involvement in her deportation from India. Instead, he has claimed that Nitu had made attempts to hurt him with scissors.

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