Permanent Mission of Nepal to the United Nations claims Nepal's committed to human rights

Jan 15, 2010: Permanent Representative of Nepal to the United Nations Gyan Chandra Acharya made a statement on Friday in the Security Council meeting on UNMIN in New York that Nepal is going through a transition from a ten-year long conflict to sustainable peace and stability with a nationally driven peace process.

From June 2006, we have come a long way with many ups and downs which is only natural for a complex peace process. Yet, along the way, we have made a tremendous progress in terms of our political transformation. We are equally committed to institutionalize it and also bring about social and economic transformation together with state restructuring. Our agenda has therefore remained a forward looking, inclusive and democratic Nepal, said he. 

Ambassador Acharya informed the Council that a large majority of the thematic committees of the Constituent Assembly have already deliberated on issues under their purview and submitted inputs to the respective bodies of the CA. The new constitution is expected to usher in a new Nepal, which would be more inclusive, federal and democratic. This would ensure sustainable peace together with the rule of law, human rights and basic principles and norms of democratic governance. We consider that writing a constitution in time is essential to accelerate the pace of progress during  the transition period, which would help us conclude the peace process in Nepal. He informed that all the parties have committed themselves to writing the constitution in time by May 2010. Similarly, he said that with a view to narrowing down the political differences among the major political parties on key national issues and steering the country towards a logical conclusion of the peace process, a High-Level Political Consultative Mechanism has also been established recently.  

Apprising the Council of the recent developments in peace process, Ambassador Acharya said that the release of the disqualified minors living in the cantonments has begun in earnest on the basis of the Action Plan signed on 16 December 2009. And it is expected to be completed by the middle of the next month. He further mentioned that a draft bill on the establishment of the Commission on Disappearances has already been submitted to the Parliament following its approval by the cabinet.  Efforts are underway to finalize a bill for the establishment of a Truth and Reconciliation Commission.  

The Permanent Representative stressed that Nepal’s commitment to human rights is unflinching. He said that Nepal is a party to more than 16 major international human rights instruments, including the Optional Protocol to the Abolition of Death Penalty.  Nepal is fully aware that the protection and promotion of all human rights and fundamental freedoms strengthens the sustainability of peace and progress. The Government is determined to ensure that there is no impunity in the country through effective enforcement of law and major institutional reforms. The Government has been supporting the tasks of the National Human Rights Commission, a constitutional body empowered to investigate and recommend suggestions on the cases of human rights violations.  

Ambassador Acharya said that the transition is not always easy and smooth, and it does not follow a straight line. He stated that if we take a long-range view, we can see that Nepal has made a significant progress over the years. A compartmentalized view of the peace process may not capture the essence of our genuine determination to bring the peace process to its logical conclusion. More than anybody else, the people of Nepal are eagerly looking forward to a post transition era. Therefore and looking at the successive developments in the country since the inception of the peace process in June 2006, we have reason to be optimistic about its overall direction. 

By concluding his statement, Ambassador Acharya said that in realizing our goal of a peaceful, stable, democratic and prosperous new Nepal, we need, more than ever before, an enhanced level of support, understanding and encouragement from the international community.  

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