Nepal's Foreign Affairs Minister Sujata Koirala's son-in-law from Bangladesh Rubel Chowdhury is suspected to have a dubious character

[The pictures posted here are from his NGO’s website, seen misusing United Nations (UN logo]


Over the last two days, a different side of Rubel Chowdhury has been revealed. Chowdhury who has lived in Nepal for four years on family visa has many business interests, yet authorities have turned a blind-eye on Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Sujata Koirala’s Bangladeshi son-in-law’s alleged involvement in illegal activities here.

Requesting anonymity, an official at the Home Ministry said no one wants to investigate Chowdhury’s suspicious activities given his link with Koirala.

A source at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said Chowdhury could be involved in obtaining illegal Nepali passports for Bangladeshi nationals, some of whom have landed in police net. Chowdhury has violated his terms of visa by engaging in profit-oriented businesses, an official at the Immigration Department said.

Rubel has also clearly misused the United Nations logo in his Bangladesh-based NGO’s website. He has identified himself as “Dr Rubel Chowdhury, Senior Vice-Chairman of the Bangladesh-based World Peace and Economic Development Organisation (WPEDO) and his mother-in-law as “Dr. Sujata Koirala, Executive Vice-President of WPEDO.”

Chowdhury is also suspected to be involved in the illegal business of International Telephone Call-Bypass through the use of Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) technology. Reports said the Police Headquarters traced a VOIP centre near the residence of DPM Koirala at Mandhikhatar and the centre was moved to a different location after Sujata’s sleuths informed that a raid was being carried out.

Police sources claim Chowdhury was the one who made one Nepali Sambhu Bharati a front man to supply logistics and Armed Personnel Carriers to Nepal Police deployed for Sudan-based UNAMID, and misappropriated millions belonging to the Nepal Police Welfare Fund when late Girija Prasad Koirala was the Prime Minister. Government Spokesperson Shankar Pokharel declined to comment on Chowdhury’s case.

Many faces

  • Rubel identifies himself as Sr. Vice President of WPEDO, a Dhaka-based NGO
  • Member of British Royal Old Pangbournian Society
  • Rubel's NGO found misusing UN logo
  • Only son of soothsayer father Sher-E-Khwaja


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