The top 10 Most Beautiful Countries are:


10. Kenya
9. Italy
8. Tanzania
7. Colombia
6. Argentina
5. Namibia
4. China
3. New Zealand
2. United States of America
And at the number one spot? 

1. Nepal

Nepal is by any means the most beautiful country in the world. The recent earthquake has given some dents but still the country retains its breathtaking beauty, smiling and welcoming as ever.

In praise of the beauty of this country, a travel writer said:

"If I have a second to tell my friends what could make them feel really good and happy and i am dying, i would tell them that; You must travel Nepal at least once in your lifetime before you die. Or else, you will not know what precious moment the world had to offer to you."

With world's top mountain, Everest, birthplace of Lord Buddha, Lumbini, most diverse flora and fauna (found in 70m to over 8,000 m altitude), and welcoming and humble people, we couldn't agree more! What do you think? Plan for your vacation.

[This is an opinion of this blogger, you are free to disagree with this conviction.]

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