Men: Seven Steps to a Healthier Sex Life

Men: Seven Steps to a Healthier Sex Life

Boost your libido (and your basic good health, too) with these simple tips.

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Lose the Belly

If you decrease the size of your belly, this will boost your sex drive. Testosterone is normally broken down in the body's fat cells, and abdominal fat breaks down testosterone extra quickly and leads to testosterone deficiency. By losing that belly fat, you'll increase the amount of testosterone in your system. Other health concerns? Check out 99 Tips from Dr. Oz.


Do More Squats

By doing exercises concentrated below the waist, you can increase the blood flow in your pelvic region.


Eat More Walnuts

Or almonds. Or anything that contains an amino acid calledarginine

, which is also found in beans, cold-water fish (tuna, salmon), soy products, and oats. Arginine promotes a process called nitric-oxide release, which relaxes blood vessels and increases the blood flow. You can also find arginine in dietary supplements like L-arginine—though don't exceed more than 2,800 mg in a day, and make sure to enjoy these places where men eat.


Get Serious About Lowering Your Cholesterol

Among the many other reasons for doing this: It will facilitate blood flow and increase your sex drive. Other health concerns? Read Dr. Oz's answers to 99 health mysteries.


Pay Attention

Does it burn when you pee? Are you seeing blood? Is there any discomfort when you adjust yourself? If the answer is yes and the problem lasts for more than a few days, see a doctor. Plus, find out how to get in and out of the bathroom more quickly.


Do a Self-Exam Every Six Months

Feel around your testicles for hardness and discomfort, and if you sense anything that feels like a knuckle, see your doctor. There's a chance it could be testicular cancer.


Get a Physical Once a Year

Ask your doctor about your blood pressure, cholesterol, and testosterone levels. If you're having problems with any of those things, it'll eventually influence your sex life. And here's a guide to how to have a good heart.

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