Jhakku starts riding car after the slaps

He was pointing at the tea shop form inside the car as he passed by


Jhakku Prasad Subdei, the Maoist lawmaker who received two tight slaps on his checks recently, has left commuting the way home, which passes through the same tea shop where the awkward incident occurred.


On Friday afternoon, he was spotted passing through the same tea shop where he received slaps on a white-number-plated car. The day when he received slaps, Jhakku had said that he often


What was interesting for the bystanders to watch was -- the way Jhakku was pointing fingers to the tea shop to show “this is the tea shop where I received slaps the other day.” The clients who were sipping their tea at the shop (prepared by the slapper Devkota’s wife) said, “Jhakku will never dare walking on foot this way.”


Meanwhile, the wife of the tea shop owner, who is handling the business now, is frustrated to see no one coming out to help release her husband who is under police custody.


She said though there has been much media hype, not a single person has come out to help her out. She has little hope that her husband would be released any time soon [unless someone in power or the public that are endorsing his action came out for help].

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