Supersonic car: British Engineers Hoping to Achieve 1,000 MPH to Break Land Speed Record

A team of British engineers is trying to break land speed record with a rocket-powered car and they will not do it “just like that”, they are hoping to achieve it with style and reach 1,000 mph, or 1,600 kmph. The current land speed record of a vehicle is also held by a British team who managed to drive a car called ThrustSSC with a speed of 763 mph.

The Bloodhound Super Sonic car will measure 13 meters long while the weight will stand around 6.4 tonnes. It should be enough to withstand heavy pressures of about 12 tonnes of force per sq-meter. Although the project has been announced, for the moment the team didn’t manage to raise all the money needed to achieve their goal - about $16.1 million are needed for the project currently under development at the Bristol University.

“Going fast is not the total reason for doing this. We’re setting off today on the most incredible engineering adventure which we hope will inspire the future generations to take up careers in science, engineering and technology,” concluded Noble.

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