Fools rush in green card matrimony

Fools rush in green card matrimony

Garima Bastola

I hear the marriage market in Nepal is very much in demand for an America return or a green card holder.

I have never understood the crazy for an America return bridegroom. Is this a new name for the DV lottery or a ticket to the United States (US)? There are many factors involved in this:

First, the political crisis in Nepal is one of the factors involved. Second, people are in need of employment and opportunities. However, it has not only become a necessity to sustain, but a fad everyone is following.

Many girls have a dream, which includes a prince charming, who will rescue them one day. Perhaps, this is a dream that they are waiting for. I have seen how people jump into relationship and matrimony without much of their knowledge. Sometime, children are compelled to make decisions due to family pressure. Additionally, we also notice a mutual consent between parents and children for a US return bridegroom or a green card holder.

It is interesting how these beautiful and qualified girls wait on the man to select them. The man carefully evaluates if the girl has all the credentials necessary to sustain in the United States. He makes his decision and chooses the best bride out of the entire lot. The entire knowing, fixing and congratulating process have become instant.

I am sure many couples involved in this process; are not even aware of each other’s personalities and qualities. Within a week, a person makes life’s most important decision, looking at nothing but a green card.

I have observed how this procedure of selection has made the marriage market so cheap and easy in our society. It looks like a rat’s race for a ticket abroad. I would like to put forward few questions, that kept me awaken many nights. Is it not important to know in detail about the person’s background before one marries? Knowing ones likes, dislikes and materialist belongings, answers all the questions.

People do not get into the complication of inquiring about past affairs because past is past right. If the person does not want to let go of his past, however, is he ready to marry a Nepali girl due to family pressure? This implies to girls as well.

In addition, it would be wise enough to inquire about the medical history of the person one is going to marry. Perhaps, it is not acceptable in our society. However, in my opinion, these are questions two individuals involved have the right to ask each other. I assume that everyone knows the importance of life and marriage.

Let us see, are these the factors you consider before getting married. A house in the USA; both of you will be slogging for 20 years to pay off the mortgage. Many a times, one comes across frauds that lie about their education, occupation and their identity. It is very sad when I see many girls and many families who have had rushed in the past for a good life abroad. Unfortunately, it has become disastrous. Because of difference in point of views, many such marriages lead to divorce. It is very important to make ones decision carefully, if men and women are well educated, they can make a difference in any part of this world.

I do not want to be very critical because people get married in different circumstances and, people have different priorities. In addition, if two individuals feel they are compatible, and want to spend the rest of their lives with each other, I believe that is more important.

However, it is necessary to think practically and rationally because love is just not enough to sustain in today’s world. Let us not generalize that all who return from the US are frauds, women-eaters or man-eaters. Not every girl who dreams of a prince charming will suffer.

However, women should be capable to make their dream come true and not wait for prince charming because especially the charming ones are dangerous. With motivation, hard work and determination one can move mountains.

Education is a very important and qualification is what every family should look for. Most important it is very necessary to change people’s perception on marriage. It would be ignorant to overlook most important factors to a happy life ahead.

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