Ramaiya bears the brunt of climate change

By Uddav Sigdyal

Ramaiya is distressed. Despite of using every agro product his farm production has been decreasing every year. Being a small farmer, he must make good production for his family's living. He was blaming the god that she is betraying them because of poverty. It was a very unpleasant moment for me to hear his excruciating feelings.


We have been witnessing sudden changes in climate throughout the world. Everything has been changing. Global warming and ozone layer depletion are the burning issues of this 21st century. We can hear everyone talking about this issue. I can easily see the difference between the climates when I was 10-year old and now. This modern artificially equipped world is leading nowhere. Since the Second World War there is excess competition over the power, energy resources and money because everyone wants to become leader of the world. To gain all those power, energy and money, most of the county has been industrialized. To grasp the saturated market share there has been price and non-price competition among the various counties. Because of excessive competition industrialists forgot to think about the wastes they were leaving behind. For an example, we cannot imagine how much CFC gas has been produced while making all those kitchen equipments and while using those equipments. I am afraid to think and dream about the future because I know we all are going to face dreadful and worst situation. Ozone layer has been decreasing every year. Sea level is increasing and the Himalayan ranges are going to be rocky mountains because of global warming. Tragic disasters such as starvation, tsunami, floods, soil erosion, air pollution and scarcity of drinking water are ever increasing. Whatever we touch will become poison.


Everyone agrees that most developed countries are responsible for the climate change. Their industries, atomic power station, satellite lunch and other energy and power related industries have been contributing to erode our beautiful world. In all media we hear leaders talking about big issues and big promises. But nothing is going to happen if we fail to implement what we have promised. We cannot entirely stop CFC gas production but it is still possible to reduce its production to some extent. It needs huge investment in public awareness and alternative power production. It will be possible to decrease usage and production of machines that use CFC gas. It's not the matter of one person, one family or one country, we all are responsible and should join hands for the better environment, better future. Let's join hands for a better future, stop carbon gas and save the earth. 

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