Secret tape reveals Maoist plan to capture Nepali state



In a sudden and startling revelation amid Nepal's tense political situation, a secret video tape has exposed the Maoist plan to capture the Nepali sate.


The video tape has been exposed just a day after Nepal's Maoist Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda (the fearsome) tendered his resignation to the President. Prachanda and his party -- Unified Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) -- has been leading a coalition government after the Constituent Assembly elections last April.


The video tape shows Prachanda delivering a speech explaining to his combatants -- living inside one of the seven UN-Monitored cantonments -- how his party had planned to capture the sate power.


Prachanda has revealed that his party had an already set-up plan to wash out the state army -- Nepal Army -- after integrating his guerillas into it.


He has also revealed that his party had been successful in hoodwinking the United Nations and other political parties by lying about the actual number of Maoist combatants, which stood originally at around 8,000. 


Just as the UN was about to start verification of the rebel army, the Maoists hoarded as many as 17,000 candidates into their cantonments and instructed them to lie that they have been in the rebel army since the very beginning, the video reveals.


"You must be happy that we have successfully lied the other parties and the UN monitor that we are more than 35,000 whereas we are just around 8,000," Prachanda explains to his combatants in the tape. "Had we not done so, our army would have been reduced to less than 4,000 after the UN verification, which declared more than 3000 of our members as disqualified."


The tape also reveals why Prachanda was so hell bent on sacking the "Army Chief" Rookmangud Katawal, which has ultimately led to his resignation from the post of Prime Minister and his party's withdrawal from the coalition government.


In the tape Prachanda tells his cadres that Katawal had been one of the major obstacles to his plan to capture the Nepali sate.


Political analysts and leaders of main opposition, including Ram Chandra Poudel, Ram Saran Mahat and Arjun Narsingh KC claim that Prachanda's recent decision to sack Katawal was part of his secret plan reveled by the tape.


On Sunday Prachanda sacked the Army Chief Katawal, who was however reinstated by President Ram Baran Yadav later on the same day. After his unilateral decision -- backed up by political prejudices -- to sack the Army Chief faced vigorous protests from both ruling and opposition parties, the President was forced to intervene into the controversy, which has now reached to the Supreme Court.


Prachanda tendered resignation on Monday after the Nepal Army denied implementing his decision citing President's directive not to do so.

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