Call for for Applications: UN Democracy Fund

Call for for Applications: UN Democracy Fund

At the 2005 World Summit held at the United Nations in New York, Heads of State and Government reaffirmed their commitment to promote democracy and human rights, by welcoming "the establishment of a Democracy Fund at the United Nations 1" (herein referred to as 'UNDEF').

UNDEF's primary purpose is to strengthen the voice of civil society and ensure the participation of all groups in democratic practices. The Fund complements current UN efforts to strengthen and expand democracy worldwide and funds projects that enhance democratic dialogue and support for constitutional processes, civil society empowerment, including the empowerment of women, civic education and voter registration, citizen's access to information, participation rights and the rule of law in support of civil society and transparency and integrity.
UNDEF is a Trust Fund established through voluntary contributions from Member States, under the authority of the Secretary-General. UNDEF is guided by its Advisory Board, which includes representatives of Member States, eminent academics and global civil society leaders. Thus, participation in the activities of UNDEF bestows prestige to all its stakeholders and signifies for its beneficiaries a high level of political commitment to democratic values.
The window for applications for UNDEF's Fourth Round of Funding is open from 16 November to 31 December 2009. Only applications using the UNDEF on-line system in English or French and received before the deadline will be accepted. The selection process is expected to be highly rigorous and competitive, considering that for the Third Round, some 70 project proposals were selected out of more than 2,100 received.
Please study the Fourth Round proposal guidelines in English and in French, as well as the FAQs. You may also wish to look at feedback and lessons learned issued to the Third Round applicants in English and in French.

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