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If you can not sign any of the services Windows Live ID, as the home page of your account, Hotmail, or Messenger, please try the following steps to resolve the problem:

Check whether the problem is related to your account or with the settings of your computer

· Try to access your account from another computer. 
or If you use your home computer, try using a different computer with different Internet connection or a computer you connect from another server (ISP). 
o If you use a computer connected to a network, such as your company network or public network, try to access from another location or from your personal web server (ISP).

If you managed to log on successfully using another computer, you may have experienced a temporary connection problem. You can try to access again later. However, this may also be because there is a problem with your computer, your network or the settings on your browser.

If you could not log in from another computer, try resetting your password . This will ensure that your account is safe from unauthorized access. You can reset your password following the Password Reset process.

Try the following steps to resolve your problem:

· Restart your computer. 
· Check that the date and time of your computer are correct. 
· Enable your browser to accept cookies from third-party programs. 
o Please go to the help section of your particular browser. 
· Try to sign in to other Windows Live sites. 
o This will help determine if the problem is limited to the site you're trying to access or is a problem with your Live ID account. 
or try to log in: 
§ Windows Live Hotmail 
§ Windows Live SkyDrive 
§ My MSN 
· If you can sign into other Windows Live sites, except when you are trying to access is possible that the site is not available or is under maintenance. 
• Finally, check your Firewall and Anti-Virus. 
or may be blocking the site to which you try to access. 
o If you have these applications installed and configured, please deshabilĂ­talas temporarily and try logging in again. If the login is successful, you should contact the support team for your applications Firewall or Anti-Virus.

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