Shah's murder exposes Nepal government naked

Look and Gaze: can do nothing but just pity on the helplessness of the government, especially in connection to its effort to unravel the mystery behind the gruesome murder of media entrepreneur Jamim Shah.


The fact that Shah was killed just beside Indian Embassy in Kathmandu, where it is said to have maintained several “safe houses”, tells everything. It is an open secret that with the power of money and the power that comes from having surrounded a landlocked country from all three sides, India has special leverage on Nepali politics for long. Any attempt by the government to try to find out the ‘invisible’ power behind the murder would be like a lamb trying to inquire a tiger about the killing of its mother the other night.


There are, however, possibilities that the incident could be entirely related to his personnel enmity with any one of the several underworld dons he was supposed to have links with. This is one possibility, which at least should encourage the Nepal’s home ministry to go as deep as possible to bring the culprits to book.

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