Nepali, American teachers join hands to teach climate change



Promoted by the Duke University, USA, a group of Nepali and American middle-schoolteachers have launched a joint effort to develop teaching materials about climate change through sharing and exchanging of students and teachers.

As its first activity in Nepal, a four-member team from the USA made a four-day visit to Nepal. During the time, the middle-school teachers from the southeastern United States visited a number of government and private schools, including Budanilkantha, Gyanodaya, and Ullens in Kathmandu.

Baishakhi Taylor, the leader of the team and an expert from Duke University, North Carolina, USA said the programme mainly aim at helping both American and Nepali students learn how the global warming is impacting the communities in Nepal.

"This is the first visit of this kind in Nepal and we hope to bring together more teachers, students and scientists from both US and Nepal to discuss, share and learn about issues of climate change," she said.

During their visit in Nepal, the group discussed with the teachers and scientists in Kathmandu on developing new teaching materials about climate change.

Taylor said the programme would produce classroom lessons to help both American and Nepali students learn how global warming and other trends are affecting people in Nepal.

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