Symposium of Nepal PEN and Korean PEN

A one day symposium/workshop was organized by Nepal PEN and Korean PEN on November 20th at Patan, Kathmandu, Nepal.


PEN is an international organization of poets, writers and novelists. This was the first time that a Sijo, Korean short style lyrical poem was held in Nepal. There are already a large number of Nepalese working in Korea. On the other hand, many Koreans are visiting Nepal as tourists.


President of PEN Nepal Ram Kumar Pandey and President of PEN KOREA Lee Gil Won jointly inaugurated the session by lighting a lamp on a Panas. The inaugural session was presided by well known writer and film personality Chetan Karki.


In the second session fourteen Nepalese poets and writers recited Sijo in Nepali. These included such well known poets as Manjul and critics as Ram Dayal Rakesh who is also Vice President of PEN NEPAL. Other poets included Murari Sigdel, Bam Bahadur Jitali, Bhisma Upreti, Pitambara Pius and Sushma Acharya.  Seven Korean poets including Vice President of PEN Korea Yoo Ja Hyo also recitred Sijo poems on this occasion. President of PEN Korea distributed certificate of attendance and gifts to Nepalese participants of Sijo recital. PEN Nepal President distributed certificates and gifts to Korean participants. Presidents of both PENs granted honorary membership to each other. Ram Dayal Rakesh talked about aesthetic aspects of Nepali poetry. Secretary of PEN Nepal Prakash A.Raj said that few poets in Nepal knew about Korean Sijo poetry in the past but this may be changing now.

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