Nepal's parliament witnessed the first brawl after the declaration of republic


Nepal’s parliament witnessed the first brawl after the declaration of republic in 2008 that threw away the 240-year-old institution of monarchy for a new Nepal.


The Maoist lawmakers pounced at the Finance Minister Surendra Pandy as he walked towards the podium with his brief case. The Speaker looked the brawl for a while, and as if in a feat, adjourned the hosue until Dec. 2. The non-Moist lawmakers cooled themselves down by criticizing the “barbaric” Maoists with the Media. The non-Maoist lawmakers also vented ire against the Speaker for becoming a mute onlooker while the Maosit lawmakers were beating up the finance minsiter.


The story took a new turn after a while as the government called a Cabinet meeting and decided to end the entire House session through Dr. President Ram Baran Yadav’s decree. After the House was adjournced, the government announced the budget through an ordinace. The Interim Constitution allows the governmetn to bring an ordiance, includign in case of brining annual budget, which down not require the House approval at the same time. The ordiance has to be passed within 60 days from its tableing or else it will be automatically null and void.


The live TV broadcast from inside the House was stopped right after the brawl started.

Congress leader Prakash Saran Mahat received a strong punch by Maist leader Lekh Raj Bhatta and so and so.


God save Nepal.


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