Test how powerful is your eyesight - colour blindness

Each of these pictures must reveal some distinct number (very clearly) or some object picture. For correct answer please see the file name of each of the photos (you can do this by clicking each image and looking at the last word of the URL or by downloading the images and looking at the name of the image file after download).

OR you can go to the following website for more colour blindness tests.
This on-line color vision test consists of four cards from the popular color vision test  "Color Vision Testing Made Easy".  Try and find a circle, star, and/or a square on the Demonstration Card, Card # 1, and Card #2. Try and find a dog, boat, balloon or car on Card # 3. You only have 3 seconds to give the correct answer on each card.

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    Is there any treatment of colour blindness? Something as seemingly simple as a stoplight requires a colorblind person to pay much closer attention than the average driver, because the familiar red and green lights are indistinguishable to a person with colorblindness. Inherited colorblindness is more likely to affect men, as it is a sex-linked characteristic. Eye diseases, trauma to the brain, and medication side-effects may also cause colorblindness.
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