Hawaii Diary 1

Hawaii Shocks

The first view of Hawaii in the Google Earth really scared me. It looks like a dot in the infinity of pacific, as if a small ocean wave could swipe it away. When for the first time I caught a glimpse of the island through the window of the KE 151, I felt like landing in Kathmandu. The tiny dot in the ocean was in fact a big island, a big city. The plane slowly came closer and closer to the sea sore and flew over the settlements. And there was Hawaii, the tiny spot in the ocean.

The first step outside the air conditioned pathway that led us out of the jet to the custom department was so warm. Though there were hundreds of passengers coming in and going out, we did not have to wait for long, which is something new for a person like me who has experienced lousy bureaucracy rife with corruption and mis management. We were cleared soon enough and checked out. And there was Mike waiting for us outside the terminal. He was in fact sent to pick us by the East West Center.

The room was small but well-furnished. Everything was new for me. Within a couple of days, I was acting like a long time resident. I was however getting different shocks every now and then.

The first impression of the dorm was not so exciting as wherever I go I would smell something very nauseating. I guessed that was the sea food left rotten somewhere in corners. But within two three days I stopped smelling anything like that or may be the smell is no longer stinging to me.

The first day I did not cook. I busied myself in meetings.

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