Hawaii Diary 2

Asia Pacific Potluck Leadership (APLP)

The first time I came to kitchen, I was impressed. For the next two days, the nauseating smell kept me hunting, however. One of those days, I had to rush and had not eaten anything from the morning. One of my friends suggested me, "Why don't you cook some stuffs for two three days and keep that in fridge?" That was something strange, "Because I don't feel good at eating things which are stale." I reflected, this could be because we rarely used fridges.

The students at the dorm would cook stuff enough for at least one week or even more and eat that bit by bit every day from the fridge.

We had a what they call "potluck" at the dinner time. That was one of the most impressive things I find in the dorm. Some bunch of people coming together with one item of food from each and eat tasting each others. I must admit, I had potluck almost everyday since then. In fact, I was a bit lazy at cooking and potluck was the best way out. We often have Nepali potluck, Nepali-Indian potluck, Nepali-South Korean potluck and on and on.

The only question I ask is: Does this contain beef and pork?

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