3 river dolphins rescued in Nepal

KATMANDU, Nepal: Soldiers rescued three rare dolphins that were stranded in a pond in southeastern Nepal, officials said Wednesday.

Soldiers and Kosi Tappu Conservation officials caught the dolphins and transported them back home to the Kosi River, where they were released, government administrator Fanindra Pokhrel said. The area was being searched to make sure no other dolphins were stranded.

The dolphins were swept several miles (kilometers) to the pond by floodwaters when the banks of the Kosi broke during last year's monsoon. They were spotted only after the water level dropped.

An unknown number of dolphins belonging to an endangered species called Platanista gangetica live in the southern Kosi, which flows into India and is Nepal's largest river. During last year's monsoon, the river breached its banks and flooded hundreds of villages in both countries.

Several people were killed by the floods and more than 1 million were driven from their homes, mostly in the Indian state of Bihar. (AP)

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