Shivaratri is let loose upon republican Nepalis

Feb 23, Kathmandu: Maha Shivaratri is let loose upon republican Nepalis. Almost half of Shiva's devotees are under intoxication today. The police too are acting lenient on the drug takers.


About 300,000 devotees from Nepal, India and many other countries are visiting the holy temple of Pashupatinath at Kathmandu today. Each of them will at least once taste what is called a sacred prasada of Shiva, Marijuana and experience how it feels when intoxicated the Shiva way.


Thousands of naga babas (the naked fakirs) from across Nepal and India have been camping around the Pashupatinath premises for the last one week. Mesmerized by the lunacy and freakiness of the naga babas, the tourists and visitors are all thronging them for taking photos and testing marijuana.


Here are some of the interesting shots taken today:

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