Dont shoot me, says Gaddafi, it's a crime against humanity to kill after capture

"Do not kill me, my children." Screams Moammar Khadafy petition was presented to a number of revolutionary fighters who found in a drainage channel and dragging.

After an hour later, Khadafy is not dead. A number of residents spilled their hatred buried for decades to Libyan dictator is an eccentric by the hair and parading the bloodied body in a truck.
The last moment about how Khadafy was killed after being caught in a wounded condition still invite a number of question marks. Some television stations showed images of the crowd that drags the bloodied Khadafy in the face and clothes.

One of the fighters even tried lowering the Libyan regime's leader for nearly 42 years was by stepping on her thighs. Khadafy who seem no longer helpless cry out for forgiveness, but it ignored her screams as she stumbled and was dragged to put into the open trunk of a truck.

The next footage showed some of the fighters who overthrew Khadafy body lifeless on the roadside. Clothes stripped and bloodshed seemed to flood the head.

The body Khadafy then paraded around Misrata with a car. "The blood of martyrs will not be spilled in vain," he shouted Misrata mass along the road which is directed to the deaths of a number of people due to atrocities Khadafy for power.

Khadafy death yesterday as well as a reference point for the Libyan National Transitional Council to mendeklarasaikan entire country has been free from kukungan Khadafy regime and its supporters. The moment was also dismissed allegations about the old scenario Khadafy fled into the desert in southern
Libya and led the resistance.

Khadafy died 2 months after being stripped of his power and in hiding. Following the capture of Tripoli on August 21, support troops Khadafy increase resistance in a number of areas, including Sirte, to prevent the newly formed interim government claimed victory. Earlier this week, the revolutionary forces overran the territory of one of the loyalists, Bani Walid.

"We've been waiting for this historic moment. Moammar Khadafy killed," said Prime Minister Mahmoud Jibril in the capital Tripoli."I like to call for all citizens of Libya in order to get rid of resentment and just keep one word in the liver, namely Libya, Libya, Libya."


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