SC decides to recount PLA and their desires

October 20 2011

KATHMANDU: The Special Committee for Supervision, Integration and
Rehabilitation of Maoist combatants on Thursday has decided to
appraise the choices of PLAs.

A meeting of the comittee on Thursday decided to dispatch a technical
team to all cantonments to conduct an official survey of Maoist
combatant's desire.

The survey will enlist choices, interests and plans of the Maoist
combatants while updating their biographical datas.

The decision was endorsed by all members of the Committee concluding
that it was necessary to appraise their plans and interests before the
integration, rehabilition process kicked off formally.

There are altogether 19,602 combatants in various cantonments. SC
member Jitendra Dev informed that the rehabilitation and integration
process will start once the survey report is provided to the SC.

As an attempt to expedite integration and rehabilitation of Maoist
combatants, the major political parties have already agreed to provide
Rs 4, 00000 to 800000 to the PLA combatants who are willing to go for
rehabilitation package. However there are still conflicting views over
the issue of rank determination. (From

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