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Body painting and Fine Art Merged Together in New York City's Only Body Painting Studio

DEN|ART NY is bringing fine art to the general public with its unique body painting experience service.


New York, NY, January 21, 2012 --( Body stirs controversies, even in art. Despite opinions, one artist is transforming the way people see body in art by creating a unique experience using the human body as a canvas.

Art expresses a variety of raw emotions. The artists at DEN|ART NY use body painting to recreate personal life experiences while involving the person in the art itself. A professional photo shoot is set up to capture the finished piece and is a keepsake to remember the experience forever.

Danny Setiawan, founder and owner of DEN|ART NY, uses body painting to tell a story through the person being painted. It's a way to experience and participate in the art itself without the rules and restrictions found in most art galleries in the city.

At DEN|ART NY, people going through the body painting experience are exposed to fine arts having legendary artists like Dali, Picasso, Da Vinci, and Chagall as painting options. Customers can also choose a specific design or painting that connects emotionally with their life experiences.

DEN|ART NY hosts Casual body painting workshops where people are grouped together and learn how to paint on the human body. It's a way to connect with others who share the same respect for fine and nude art in one of New York City's thriving art scenes, Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Event services provided by DEN|ART NY are tailored towards high-end brands looking to associate the sexiness and sophistication of art with their brands. They come to DEN|ART NY where we customize each experience to each brand's specific vision. We've worked with top hotels, restaurants and clubs in NYC and other cities.

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Please contact Danny Setiawan at for more information about the vision at DEN|ART NY.

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