Veena Malik is a slur on Pakistan says Resham

Monday, April 9th, 2012 11:04:40 by Imran Shaukat Khan


It’s been more than a year now since the drama queen, Veena Malik, is in India but now she is finally planning to return to her homeland. However, it seems as if she is not being welcomed at all by the Pakistani actors.

Resham, one of the leading Lollywood actresses, has insisted that Veena should be ashamed of herself for what she has done in India.

Veena Malik has portrayed a negative image of our country. She should be ashamed of this,” film star Resham commented while talking to

Controversy’s favorite child, Veena Malik, rose to fame during her stint in the Bigg Boss house because she started an affair with a Bollywood actor, Ashmit Patel, who was also a participant.

The actress did many other cheap publicity stunts in India but the biggest of all was her ‘nude’ appearance on the cover page of FHM India. The news caused a storm in her country so much so that she started getting death threats.

Resham stressed that Pakistan needs people like Sharmeen Obaid and Arfa Randhawa, the youngest Microsoft specialist who died not too long ago, and not Veena Malik.

Resham further said, “An artist of a nation actually represents his or her country but artists like Veena Malik are a slur on our country. We need people like Sharmeen Obaid and Arfa to represent our country. Veena is a shame for us and our religion,” Resham concluded.

Well, when Veena was asked she said “I am the real darling of the nation.”

The people who say negative things about me are actually jealous of my fame.”

The actress, in the meantime, admitted that she fears that she may get assassinated by another ‘Qadri’ on her return to Pakistan. Nevertheless, she still said that she will return to her homeland one day.

While sharing her fear with, Malik said, “I have received threats from extremists. My friends ask me not to be worried but I take them (threats) seriously. I will reconsider my homecoming plan.”

Veena added, “Pakistan is my country and I will come back one day.”


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