Promoting Dialogue for Nepal’s Peaceful Transformation and a lasting democracy

Women, Youth and Minorities in the Democratic Process
Project Description:
NA (to see the details please go to OBJECTIVESNA 

 A) Lecture sessions, discussions
 B) Field visits to important places/sites in Kathmandu
 C) Meeting with high level political leaders (eg. Maoist party Chief Pushpa Kamal Dahal aka Prachanda) and non-political inspirational leaders (like, Anuradha Koirala, Dr. Sunduk Ruit etc.).

2. Production and broadcast of 15 interactive radio episodes by change agents
 The trained young leaders will return to their communities/schools, share their experience, and engage on one radio episode each, aided by a local supervisor. Finally 15 program will be aired through 10 FM stations which reach out to millions in remote and conflict affected parts of 
Nepal. Each leader is expected to reach out to around 2000 fellow students in his/her school.
 3) Production/dissemination of a comprehensive package of CD containing radio programs and audio visuals
 + network of leaders through Facebook etc.

 Direct: 15 participants

Primary impact: 7500 (15 * 500) (Experience sharing)

Secondary impact: 7.5 million (15 radio episodes * 10 FM * 50,000)

Plus hundreds more through TV and newspapers, Facebook etc


FM stations, and other local NGOs,
Team Members:
1. Anju Devkota - East West Center APLP Fellow 2009-10
 Asheshwor Man Shrestha East West Center Fellow 2008-2010
 Bal Krishna Sharma - East West Center Graduate Fellow 2008-2011
 Kamal R. Sigdel - East West Center, APLP Fellow 2008-2009
 6. Kosh Raj Koirala - East West Center, APLP Fellow 2010-2011
 Padmendra Shrestha - East West Center Graduate Fellow - 2007-2009
 11. Sunita Chaudhary - East West Center, APLP Fellow 2008-2009
 12. Sushma Rai - 
East West Center APLP Fellow 2009-2010

 Subaltern Forum (Simant Bikash Manch), Nepal
 Asia Media Forum, Nepal
 15 government schools from remote and conflict affected areas
 10 Local FM radio stations
 ** The institutional infrastructure to help these State Alumni implement the project will be provided by Subaltern Forum (Simant Bikash Manch). Besides, local FM stations in respective remote districts from where the participants come, and other local NGOs, including Asia Media Forum and educational institution like 
Trinity International College from Kathmandu will join hands. We will be engaging more partners as per need. The partners will be expanded as per need and they will provide in-kind support as per their capacity.
South Asia
This project will take place in Nepal. The major part in Kathmandu and fifteen remote districts of the country, mostly away from center's access and development.
For the first time in Nepal, the State Alumni will be engaged in a leadership training that reaches out to such a crucial target group in such a crucial time like never before

This program will impact directly to around 15 participants and they and the FM radio programs/media will reach out to over 7.5 million people in the areas hard hit by conflict

This project takes an innovative approach of mixing leadership training with opportunity to implementing the learned skills in real situation.

The prgram utlises the knowledge and skills learned by State Alumni from Nepal

This project is innovative in the way it reaches out to young people for the first time in far, remote and so-far neglected conflict affected areas

This will deploy the media, FM radio stations, local NGOs and colleges through a wide collaboration plan

The leaders will get chance to meet/question political and non-political leaders, otherwise impossible. This will help build the young leaders' confidence to meet goal

The program forges a wide partnership with local non-governmental actors

The program will have a long lasting impact and will continue to promote debate through the Facebook and other social networking tools which will be developed during the program

Very low cost but very high impact or outcome/output

This project has potential to be expanded further in Nepal and replicated in other countries as well 

Goals and Objectives:
Timeline and Activity List:
As budgeted this is 45 day long program, and will be implemented as outlined below:

Project winner announcement: Mid-May

Team meets: May 15-20, 2012

Call for applications: May 20-25, 2012

Fixing trainers: by June 10, 2012

Selection of students: by June 15, 2012

Logistics preparation: June 10-15, 2012

Arrival of 15 student participants: June 19, 2012

Week-long package program (lectures and visits in Ktm): June 20-27, 2012

Radio program assignment starts: July 1, 2012

Follow up and support to trained student leaders: July 1-July 30, 2012

Collection of radio programs and airing: August 2012

Follow up and online networking continues: from August

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