A la Carte: Spicy Ghonjhi

This has been the source of high protein for a number of tribes in Tarai for years. I wonder if we could market this and bring it to the Five Star Hotel. Many would love to take a taste of this dish.


For those who have never tested this special dish, it tastes very piquant but as you gradually realise the preciousness about the dish, you will ask for more.


The shells called Ghonghi are the main ingredient for the dish. You can find it in fresh water streams, lakes and rivers. People in Far and Mid west use Helka to scoop these Ghongis from muddy watersheds. Once you collect enough ghonghis, they will have to be rinsed well till the mud is cleansed from the ghonghis. Then boil it for about five minutes and drain the water. Then mix the boiled stuff with mustard oil and the spices, including grinded chillies, cumin, garlic, coriander, salt etc.

[As told by Badka from Bardiya]

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