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Negative leadership

Having suffered during King Gyanendra's dictatorship, Dr Om Gurung of Nepal Federation of Indigenous Nationalities (NEFIN) commanded a lot of respect. Not any more! After the Nepal banda of February 28, my esteem for him has evaporated.

NEFIN had already held a meeting with the government. In spite of the pleas of the government and other groups, Dr Gurung and company decided to go ahead with the banda, adding more misery to our bleeding nation.

Although violence is never to be condoned, one could not help exclaiming, 'Serves you right!' This banda was more ferocious in that the organizers dared to stone motorcyclists. Even riders going to work at six in the morning were not spared.  

Dr Gurung, shall we commend you and your disciples for efficiency? No, rather we moan how unscrupulous you are. Your demands are more important to you than the lives of innocent millions. Negative leadership like yours (including those of the Madhes and the Maoists) is bringing the nascent democracy and our country to ruin. Because of banda-fatigue, people are even pining for a dictatorship. Perhaps, we need a dictator to adequately deal with your stone-wielding hooligans (picture, TKP, March 1). 

Dr Ramesh Khatry




Ethno-regional troubles

This refers to the article "Resolution of ethno-regional troubles" by Dr Som Prasad Pudasaini (March 1), which sheds light on issues concerning social justice at this juncture. At a time when the pressure groups from different castes and climates are agitating for their respectable position, what should be understood is that it is not only the problem of Madhesis but also the problem of Pahadis, Janjatis, Dalits, Chepangs and others. The constituent assembly must provide place for their identification. The consciousness of different communities reaching in mainstream of development assures the prosperity of the country.

Mahesh Pandey

Kerunga 8, Argakhanchi



Link Europe
It is a very encouraging news that the number of tourists has gone up. Obviously, we must attribute this rise to the peaceful environment. However, another important factor associated with tourism promotion is easy connection, i.e. direct flights to/from Bangladesh and South Korea and other countries.

There were enough direct flights to Frankfurt, London and Vienna in the past linking up Europe easily but at a time when the world is becoming a small village, Nepal is isolated and disconnected from the outside world. Everybody applauds tourism as the backbone of Nepali economy, but it is really important to create an enabling environment to achieve it.

Through my visit to many of European countries, I came to know that a huge number of Europeans are eager to touch/feel mountain, raft in Trishuli river and ride elephant in Chitawan. But they are disappointed when they see the airfare which is very high as compared to other countries. Airfares can be brought down drastically, if Nepal is connected directly to Europe. Together with linking up, the media coverage also plays a vital role to attract the tourists.
Shrawan Khanal



Convincing people

This refers to the article, 'Maoists are yet to convince people' by Shovakhar Pokharel. The promulgation of the interim constitution and Maoist entrance in parliamentary politics have brought a beacon of hope to the peace-loving Nepalis. Most of them have taken the CPN(M) as an alternative to making a new Nepal. However, the continuation of abduction, intimidation, and impunity has compelled people to suspect them.

Despite the commitment from the high-level leadership, the reign of terror has continued in the villages. They have yet to return the property of innocent people seized during their "people's war".

The Maoist leadership should understand that it is the people who decide the fate of both Prachanda and monarchy. They should bear in mind that they cannot dictate the conscience of the people. Giving up the violence and creation of favorable environment for elections to the constituent assembly is the need of the hour.

The SPA and the Maoists both should give a clear message to the people that they are really working for people without dillydallying.

Bishnu Hari Marasini

Hansapur-8, Arghakhanchi


Painful disappearance

Anyone reading the news "The story of a disappeared teacher" (March 4) cannot help shedding tears. I am no exception to this and compelled to write something. The Headmaster of Kuibhir Secondary School, Late Chakra Katwal, who was only the walking stick of the family, is now no more. He was forced to leave his illiterate wife a widow with four orphans on her lap to bring up. Anyone who has a human heart can feel how she is leading her life without her lone support, her husband.

The make-believe story of the authorities to defend themselves is really a shameful task. How could such a person who was unconscious after the torture escape through a ventilation of the toilet under security presence? How could the people tolerate such brutal, inhumane killing of the authorities? The relatives are deprived of the right to get the corpse after the death. What a pity!

Chakra Katwal is one among thousands of disappeared. Many Chakra Katwals have been killed by both the state and the Maoists during the decade-long insurgency. There are many waiting to know the whereabouts of their dear ones. The SPA government is responsible for providing authentic information to the relatives of the killed.

Suman Shrestha

Diyale-6, Okhaldhunga


EIA is a must
This refers to the interview with NEA's Managing Director Arjun Kumar Karki ("Special state provisions a must to address power crisis", March 4). Karki in his interview has said that Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is posing an obstruction to the immediate construction of the hydropower projects according to NEA's work plan because EIA of those projects have not been done. He, therefore, opines that the government should allow them to build these projects and simultaneously conduct environmental impact assessment, rather than the former following the latter and has said that they are proposing to the government through the Ministry of Water Resources to allow them to do that.

According to EPA and EPR, 1997, proposals related to power development require IEE/EIA and which must be approved prior to the implementation of those proposals from Ministry of Water Resources (MoWR) and/or Ministry of Environment, Science and Technology (MoEST).

Contrary to these provisions, Karki said they want to simultaneously carry out EIA and project construction. What is the need for carrying out EIA during construction if not earlier? If the negative impacts are greater in comparison to the benefits, then the project cannot be implemented. Why to develop the projects if they cause greater loss than benefits? Therefore, projects must not be implemented prior to the EIA.

Keshab Raj Joshi & Rewati Niraula


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