India's Views on Army Integration

India's Views on Army Integration 
6. (C) On rehabilitation and integration of Maoist army 
combatants, Mehta saw the recent resumption of Army 
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Integration Committee meetings as an indication that the 
Maoists might be ready for progress.  Mehta said that Nepal 
must find its own solution, but commented that "pro democracy 
forces" want the issue of army integration taken off the 
table.  Mehta asserted that the Nepalese Army and the Maoists 
have incompatible mindsets and that the financial burden of 
integration would be too heavy for the GON.  The Nepalese 
Army has already nearly doubled in size in the last five to 
seven years, increasing costs to levels unsustainable for the 
fragile economy.  The cadres would further bloat the army 
and, as a group composed mainly of young people who will not 
retire for years, will extend the burden far into the future. 
 Mehta proposed seeking alternatives by simply asking the 
cadres what they want.  He opined that many would be happy to 
return to civilian life, perhaps with a one-time payment. 
The first step is to give them choices that might reduce the 
problem, he suggested.  It is imperative to protect the 
integrity of the CPA (the constitution, elections, etc), but 
also to ensure that the chosen solution is sustainable. 
7. (C) COMMENT:  India's message to the Maoists is mostly in 
line with ours: political consensus is needed, and the 
Maoists must completely abandon violence in favor of peace 
and democratic principles.  India supports getting Maoists 
cadres out of the cantonments and back into civilian life, 
but given Mehta's comments, India may not actively support 
integration of the PLA.  India agrees that political 
consensus is needed, can work with any elected government, 
and is ready to help if asked.  While Mehta did not 
explicitly agree to deliver a coordinated message, he 
outlined the Indian position clearly, indicating that on most 
points, with the possible exception of PLA integration, our 
messages are in sync. END COMMENT. (From Wikileaks)




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