Prachanda meets S.D. Muni, K.V. Rajan in Singapore

Classified By: Charge d'Affaires, a.i., Randy W. Berry. Reasons 1.4 (b/ 
1. (S/NF) During his November 16-18 trip to Singapore, Maoist 
Chairman Pusha Kamal Dahal "Prachanda" met Nepali Congress 
leader G.P. Koirala, Indian diplomats, and Chinese officials. 
 Maoist head of international affairs Krishna Bahadur Mahara 
and Nepali businessman Dinesh Manandhar accompanied 
Prachanda.  Manandhar (strictly protect) told Emboff November 
30 that the Singapore-based telecommunications company Smart 
Telecom paid for airfare (business class), vehicle rental 
(BMW), and hotels (Four Seasons) for the Maoist delegation. 
Manandhar -- who is personally close to Mahara but says he is 
not a member of the Maoist party -- is the local Nepali 
partner of Smart Telecom, and handled logistics for the 
delegation.  He did not participate in the meetings. 
2. (S/NF) According Manandhar, Prachanda met first with S.D. 
Muni, an Indian academic with long-standing ties to the 
Nepal's Maoists and the Government of India (GOI).  He then 
met retired Indian diplomat and former GOI Ambassador to 
Nepal K.V. Rajan, who was joined by a current "senior" GOI 
Foreign Ministry official, whom Manandhar did not know. 
Manandhar said that Muni organized the trip and facilitated 
the meetings with the GOI.  Prachanda also met twice with 
"Chinese officials" (NFI). 
3. (S/NF) Following the initial round of discussions with the 
Chinese and Indians, Prachanda met privately for thirty 
minutes with Nepali Congress head G.P. Koirala, who was in 
Singapore for medical treatment, at Koirala's hospital. 
Following the one-on-one meeting, Koirala's daughter and 
Maoist Mahara joined the two for another twenty minutes. 
(Note: Koirala told Charge November 25 that the two agreed to 
create a "high-level political mechanism" to promote the the 
peace process (reftel).  Kathmandu papers are rife with 
rumors that Koirala and Prachanda also agreed to replace the 
current government with a Maoist-Nepali Congress coalition 
government, although the ailing Koirala would face serious 
opposition to such a move from inside his party.  End Note.) 
4. (S/NF) Manandhar said that Prachanda was in a "very good 
mood" following the meetings and "celebrated" late into the 
night.  He was particularly pleased by the discussions with 
the Indian officials, who hosted a dinner for Prachanda on 
November 17. 
Prachanda does not truest his son Prakash 
5. (S/NF) Asked about whether Prachanda's son Prakash 
accompanied the delegation (as he often does), Manandhar said 
he did not because Prachanda did not trust him.  According to 
Manandhar, Prakash drinks heavily and is not reliable.



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