Narendra Modi Speech in Nepal, the most referred one

Visiting Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi mesmerized Nepali people with his spellbinding speech in the parliament on Sunday. Opening his speech in Nepali language, Modi recalled that he had visited Nepal as pilgrims long ago. 

"I have returned to this beautiful country as a friend and I am happy to come here as PM," said Modi in Nepali language before continuing his speech in Hindi. 

Major highlights of Modi's speech

  • I am the first guest in your Parliament who has been invited to speak.
  • The respect that I have got is not for Narendra Modi or the PM of India. It is respect for the people of India.
  • Our relations with Nepal are as old as the Himalayas and the Ganga
  • Not only people of Nepal but also those who believe in the power of democracy are looking at Nepal and this Assembly.
  • We have always believed that it is not our work to interfere in what you do but to support you in the path you decide to take.
  • Our only wish is that Nepal´s progress reaches as high as the Himalayas.
  • Being your neighbor and seeing our experience as a democracy we feel happy at the direction in which you are going.
  • A Constitution has to be made and Nepal has to be taken to new heights and we are ready to support you as a neighbor.
  • Constitution is like Samhita, compilation of knowledge.
  • Constitution is not a book, it brings past, present and future together.
  • Constitution drafting needs heart and mind like a sage with farsighted vision.
  • As a line of credit India will extent Rs 10,000 crore to Nepal as line of credit.
  • Buddha was born in Nepal.
  • Call rates between India and Nepal need to be lower and for that we should speak to the mobile service providers.
  • We are so close. Still it took 17 years to come. I assure you this will not happen again. I am coming back again for SAARC summit
  • We want to see Nepal become a powerful nation.
  • Together SAARC nations should wage a war against poverty and we should help each other in that
  • Nepal needs ´HIT´ - Highways - Infoways - Transways and we will support you in all these.
  • Nepal should become a leading exporter of herbal medicines and we are ready to support you in this.
  • The world that believes in democracy is looking to Nepal constituent assembly, to the leaders sitting here.
  • To help the SAARC nations in the field of health and education We have decided to launch a SAARC satellite.
  • Let us think about how the Himalayas can help humankind.
  • Nepal can free India of its darkness. But we don´t want free electricity, we want to buy it.
  • I congratulate Nepal for choosing the path of "Budha(peace)" over "yudha (war).
  • The world will get a way towards peace from this land, your Constitution will pave way for that. India will support your aspirations on your way to your achivements, that is what we want to do.
  • India welcomes &∓ respects your Federal Democratic Republic.
  • Salute the Gurkha soldiers who attained martyrdom for India.

In the 46-minute long address, the Indian Prime Minister began the address in Nepali, continued for three minutes, and further spoke in Hindi. "There is high respect to Nepal and Nepalis and it is included in the foreign policy of India," the distinguished guest said, adding that major driver of Nepal´s development is hydropower generation and for this, Nepal could take decision to cooperate with India.

The Indian Prime Minister, who came to Nepal at the invitation of Nepal´s Prime Minister, Sushil Koirala, on Sunday itself, expressed happiness over his visit to Nepal and reminded that he had come here as a pilgrim long back. "I´m feeling lucky to be here as the Indian PM," he said.
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"With the opportunity Nepal provided me to address the CA, Legislature-Parliament, not only I´m but all 1.25 billion Indian people are honoured", the Indian PM said.

The first foreign dignitary addressing Nepal´s Parliament since the restoration of democracy in 1990, Indian PM Modi repeatedly brought the reference of the Lord Buddha, precursor of the peace, and Rajarshi Janak. He also showed deep reverence to the Hindu religion and said he arrived at the holy place of the Pashupatinath from the Kashi, Biswonath. 

Moreover, he said, "Not only I am but the entire world has also felt proud seeing Nepal moving towards peace as shown by the Lord Buddha by giving up the path of arms and weapons. 

The dignitary from the southern neighbour further said he was confident that Nepal would promulgate the inclusive and democratic constitution in time. For this, India was ready to extend any support at any time. 

Frequently repeating that the world is watching Nepal, the Indian PM Modi urged the political parties to complete the task of constitution writing in time.

Modi said, "Those involved in wars in different nook and corner of the world would learn lesson for peace and goodwill." The leadership of Nepal would be successful in this regard, he added.

Saying that it is the responsibilities of Nepalis themselves to decide their fate and future, the Indian Prime Minister made it clear that India would not interfere with Nepal´s affairs.

"Nepal is a sovereign nation. It is independent to make its decisions but as the entire world´s attention was drawn to Nepal this should be made more decent," he said.

Saying that the constitution is not for a short time, he urged to pay special attention for constitution writing as the constitution is to run the nation for upcoming hundred years.

Moreover, the Indian PM said that Nepal, the birth place of Lord Buddha, is the legacy of culture and heritages and expressed commitment to take the existing cultural, religious and traditional Nepal-India relations to a new height.

Noting that Nepal´s prosperity and progress is the key concern of India, he made it clear that India would strive its best to support Nepal to that end. 

He underscored the need to utilize best the vast array of the potential of hydropower of Nepal, suggesting to use the energy development for mutual benefits as a prominent means to lead to the path of prosperity. 

Prime Minister Modi further said that Nepal could make easy headways towards economic advancement by supplying energy and India is eager to purchase the power Nepal produces at the market price. He also pledged to extend support to the Nepal´s bid to produce power. 

"India is ever ready to make neck-to-neck collaboration with Nepal in regard to the development works here", he clarified. 

He went on saying that a process would begin within a year to take ahead the Pancheswor Multipurpose Project that has been much talked since 22 years and the 5,600 Megawatt power generated from the project would take Nepal to a new height. 

The Indian government is ready to extend its support to address the grappling energy crisis Nepal is facing these days, he expressed the commitment to double the electricity being provided to Nepal through inter-country transmission lines to resolve the current energy crisis. 

Beside, he added if Nepal properly utilized its vast richness of hydropower it could even help India address her energy crisis after 10 years. 

Expressing India´s interest to work in collaboration with Nepal in generating employment through the advancement of information and communications technologies (ICTs), visiting PM Modi announced that India would provide line of credit of 1 billion US$ to support Nepal´s efforts in physical infrastructure development. 

Making announcement tthat Indian government has increased educational scholarship quota to assist in the production of competent human resource for Nepal, he pledged to continue India´s cooperation for Nepal´s all-round development including social and economic. 

He promised to direct his country´s concerned authority to ensure easy access of the people of Nepal and India to telecommunication services so as to further the emerging close and friendly people-to-people relations and also urged Nepal government to make necessary decision to this effect. 

This remark of Indian PM was targeted to the high charge involved in making telephonic conversation to and from either of the countries. 

Underlining the need of collective efforts of the SAARC countries to resolve the poverty prevailing in the region, he expressed his intent to contribute to the sector of health, education and communications by establishing SAARC satellite.

Stating that tourism, production of medicinal herbs, hydropower, youth power and scientific agriculture system is important for Nepal to attain prosperity, the Indian PM pledged all possible support on his own and on behalf of his government to that end. 

Praising Nepalis for their bravery, courage and valour, he expressed gratitude to Nepalis in Indian Regiment for their contribution to security management of India. Recalling his Nepal visit after a long gap (after 17 years), he vowed to visit Janakpur and Lumbini during his upcoming participation in the SAARC Summit. Nepal and India have friendly relations, he delivered his speech in the Parliament in Nepali for five minutes in the beginning. [Republica]

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